Versatile Blogger Awards – Tons of Linky Love!


The first time I was awarded a Versatile Blogger Award from the very lovely and talented Sawsan, aka The Food Doctor, I was dead smack in the beginning of  what has turned into the most difficult time in my life. My brain certianly wasn’t function correctly and I never properly accepted the award and passed it along to other bloggers.

For this I always felt guilty but didn’t want to just bring it up weeks or months later… That would be odd. So yesterday, when another one of my favorite bloggers, Blogject announced that she was awarding me with the versatile blogger award I figured that this was the opportunity I could take to redeem myself and accept them both at the same time.

Before I get started with a lot of linky love and  14 unknown things about me I just want to send out my thanks Sawsan and the girl who writes the Blogject 😉 The both of you have provided me with a great deal of support and love over the past two months and it means so very much to me. I look forward to reading each of your blogs every single day.

Sawsan, your recipes make me so hungry and inspire me to (someday) get back to the stove top. I will have no need to reference any of my cookbooks when I finally do start cooking again because I want to make every single recipe you have ever posted! I love that you share tidbits of your life with lovely stories of your children before each wonderful recipe and the way you interact with all of your readers. You are a truly wonderful person and a great blogging friend, I am so lucky to have found you and I thank the universe for bringing you into my life!

The Girl who writes the Blogject, I cannot tell you how sweet you are! I enjoy your blog so much and the way you share with your readers your life’s ups and downs. Your positive attitude towards the good and bad is so refreshing and I smile every time I read your posts. I love that you are so honest and are clearly a very hard worker who is dedicated to making the best of life. Also, I am so glad it is finally Thursgay because I’ve been waiting 7 whole (long) days for part 2 of your Coming Out series!! I thank the universe for allowing me to meet you, whether you know it or not you have provided me with strength and a lot of smiles and  a sudden urge to move to the UK because it just sounds like a great place to live!

This brings me to the fun part:

Rules of Accepting the Award:

This award comes with two conditions, share 7 things you didn’t know about yours truly and pass on the award to other wonderful bloggers.

Since I am officially accepting 2 awards I am going to share with you a lot of linky love and random facts about myself.

I am a regular at sharing my favorite bloggers with you and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of my new favorite blogs, as well as, some that I am sure you will recognize. I’ve been blog stalking a lot of these unfamiliar blogs for quite a few weeks now and have just recently subscribed to each and every one because it is so much easier than tracking them down! If you are a regular reader and don’t see your name on this list, please don’t feel upset with me, this award has been passed around more than a few times and I want to make sure my whole community has received one, I’d also like to get the word out about some fabulous bloggers that you may not have heard of yet.

To help make it easy on everyone to find some new reads, I am going to break these into catagories as I am listing 14, yes 14 of old and new favorite blogs:



Yerttle’s Blog

Jenna’s Everything Blog

The Pleasure Monger

Entirely Adequate


German American Abroad

Don’t Make that Face

Crusin’ with Serendipity


Sweet Caroline’s Cooking

Savoring Every Bite

Sweet and Crumby


Vieques Dream House Diary

The Yvestown Blog



My Life’s List

Sylvia Morice’s Blog

Okay, so I cheated, I added 17 instead of 14 but it was really hard to pick just 14! I have a feeling you won’t mind because I know you just can’t resist links to great reads, so indulge!

And if you are still here after all of super those great links and want to know some random things about me here you go:

  1. I hate scary and gory movies but love the HBO Series True Blood, which is both scary and gory.
  2. I am addicted to reality shows on Bravo, Real House Wives of NJ and NY being my favorites, Millionaire Matchmaker being my third.
  3. I daydream 24/7
  4. I believe myself to be the black sheep of my family
  5. I think I am beautiful but don’t want to be vain so I have never admitted it. I do not look in mirrors when other people are present but do it a lot when I am alone.
  6. I had a 3 year addiction to Craigslist Missed Connections. It didn’t matter what city or state, I just loved reading about desperate pleas of unrequited love
  7. I plan on moving overseas once my children are settled in their adult lives
  8. My biggest dream that I plan on accomplishing is to be a writer and have a book (or two or three) published by the time I am 50
  9. I wear the same size clothes as my 13 year old daughter and couldn’t be happier about it
  10. I love tube tops. I know a lot of people hate them but I dont.
  11. I want to get a boob job
  12. If I could be anything in the world I’d choose to be an actress. I think I’d be great at it but never had the confidence to give it a go.
  13. I love art, any type of art, though modern is the least favorite
  14. My name is not really Ginger Couturier, I figured if Dr. Seuss could have a pen name then so could I. I came up with the name by finding adjectives that meant thrifty and fashion. I love the name Ginger and think it suits me well. I could not pronounce Couturier (Coo-ter-ey-err) for months which made it hard for me to tell people the name of my blog and often had to look for the spelling of it. I have no plans on changing my pen name. I love it.

33 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Awards – Tons of Linky Love!

    1. You are so welcome Jenna! You crack me up! I found you through Blogjects blogroll and was a fan after the first post I read! Keep up the great work!!

  1. Ginger you rock! Especially grateful that I am on the list since you just started reading me…. YAY YAY YAY > I take sunshine moments where I can and this absolutely made my day!
    Keep riding with Lady Luck my friend 🙂


    1. And I just love your sunshine moments Shells! I can’t wait to see how everything turns out splendidly for you, I know it will, and I don’t want to miss a second of it!

  2. Thanks for the award and for mentioning my blog! And I love your pen name…encompasses food and fashion and a flair for frivolity. (Look at all the F words I managed to come up with!)
    Keep up the good work and the good words.

    1. I admire your writing so much and I am glad I found you Sylvia! You challenge yourself and come up with the best posts! I am amazed with your creativity and looking forward to all of your creative writing in the future!

  3. Ginger, you can’t imagine how much you saying those amazingly nice things about me means to me! I think you’re pretty damn fab so thank you! wow. i’m overcome, honestly.

    Very much looking forward to checking out the links, however this evening I know I have a post I want to write which may take a while, (yes, yes, part II!) and now it’s been declared right here I am going to make it my duty to do it 😉 so the links will be explored a little later!

    On to your facts –
    5. if you’re about pic is you, yes, you are beautiful! and something else, it’s not vain, it’s pride. so many people don’t like how they look, we should all embrace this attitude, it’s refreshing!
    9. that is amazing!
    10. tube tops. i think that’s what we call boob tubes! yay, i love them too. no straps, equals no strap lines!
    14. really really randomly (ok, i’m going to sound like an obsessional stalker now), i was googling the ginger gillingham island thing, as i read on your about that that’s not you’re pic (even though it had confused me for a while how different the two were). So anyway, when i read that i found out about this program and this character i had never heard of before! awesome. then, wiki’d the ‘couturier’ part. all in all an educational exercise on all parts!

    Great post anyway. love your blog!

    1. Yvonne, thank you so much for stopping by! You are a bit of a celebrity and I was star struck when you commented! I have read through every single one of your posts and love, love, LOVE your style! I want to paint my whole house white and bring in tons o beautiful pinks and blues just like you! Ahh.. Someday when the kids are grown 🙂

      1. You deserved it sweetpea, I have been stalkin you since forever lol!
        Click the picture then save it to your hard drive.. Then post it as a regular picture. The easiest way to notify the ppl you are nominating is to make a comment on one blog and copy it, paste it to all the rest…

  4. Ginger – I love #5 and could kiss you for it! Truly I do – not in a condescending way, just that I think that’s really really cool.

    I’d love to be an actress and a writer and live overseas too! I wish all the best in that.

    But a boob job? I know it’s tempting… but…

    1. Haha thanks Girly! I wish you luck also! Perhaps our paths will cross in our famous lives 🙂 and the boobs.. I want them, will I ever get them? Probably not, I’m a chicken lol

  5. Sweet and wonderful Ginger..
    I’m not one of those people who doesn’t make friends easily, but I truly feel like I connect with you..I love reading your posts..the strength of your spirit shines through every word…I could tell I was on to something special the first time I read your posts for the first time..Your blog was the first one I ever subscribed to and I’m loving every post 🙂

    Thank you for being the amazing wonderful brilliant you are..
    and I TOTALLY believe you will make it as a writer one day..I’ll be the first to stand in line to get your signiture on my copy 🙂
    Congrats on the very well deserved awards my friend

  6. Thank you Ms. Couturier!
    I posted a blog on this topic :
    What a nice surprise it was to find your comment this morning. You have to know I haven’t been blogging in the last 5 days or such because I have been recovering from a case of the summer flu.
    I am very flattered to accept this award (even though it might take a few weeks of time until I have decided on other blogs).

    Out of pure curiosity, to point 7: Where are you planning on moving?
    Point 8 is a biggie and a dream of mine, as well. Totally understandable, and I wish you all the best in accomplishing this! As it appears, you are already on a good path in pursuing it, though! 😉

    Point 14 makes me smile, as it did many others, I suppose! Everyone has this time they go through, where they want to call themselves something completely different than the norm. It adds more excitement to our lives, can even give us another personality, and boosts our dreams. I came up with “Gina Vicenza” when I got to New York to make up for justifying the ruder part of my personality… Weird? I m not sure… Hey,I guess I just found something I can add to my own 7 things! haha

    Cheers, Laura

    1. Laura, I just love your blog, I think you are very brave and live a very adventurous life. I get your wit and adore your honesty tremendously, I am so happy to have found you 🙂 as far as where will I move.. I’ve always dreamt of Italy, but in the past two years I’ve been leaning more towards England.. I wouldn’t need to learn a new language and I love the culture which doesn’t seem all that much different than the US, but a but more relaxed. I’m loving what I’m reading about their education system also and read a ton of UK bloggers that blow my mind! We will see, we will see 🙂

  7. I just wanted to let everyone know that Sylvia has been awarded a Freshly Pressed status today! I am so proud of her and if you haven’t checked out her blog above (under challenge) please do and congratulate her! She is a very talented writer and full of wit! Yay Sylvia!

  8. Ginger, Thank you! You’re so very kind and sweet to include me with these other amazing blogs! I’m fairly a newbie on the blog scene and am so flattered! I had received one before but truly was confused as to what it all meant! I will now try to create 7 things about me; but they will never compare to your list!! And, of course, pass this on to others! Have a great weekend Ginger!!

    1. No problem! You have a great blog with great recipes! I really love the reason why you started your blog also, I think that’s what got me hooked! Just want to spread the word on great blogs when I can, it wouldn’t be fair to keep them all to myself! You have a great weekend also!

    1. Haha! I’m a funny girl right! Dork also but I just love desperate pleas of love and affection. Craigslist is filled with some fantastic writers … and strange ones!

    2. Oh and Cary, you are so welcome, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you are one of the most interesting people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know! Rock on girl 😀

  9. Very nice acceptance speech. Congrats times two on the award. I can’t wait to check out your list. Although, I’m familiar with the food blogs you picked and they’re all wonderful! I look forward to exploring the others.

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