The Beast that was My Backyard

My backyard was more than neglected for a few years. It was the least of my worries and that was evident. All of the trees and bushes had overgrown, the grass had died, and the weeds had happily taken over.

overgrown yard

I attempted to clean it up over the years, but because of the fibro I just didn’t have the strength or energy to get much done. My middle child was supposed to keep up with the lawn, but I didn’t keep on him enough and even with the rare times he did, his efforts didn’t make much of a difference.

overgrown backyard

My boyfriend tried to tackle the mess (and he is a strong and determined man) but the jungle was too much, for even him. So after a few failed attempts of getting the yard in order by ourselves we decided to hire a landscaping company.  

As of today you are offically divorced.

I can’t tell you how long I waited to hear those words. According to the court records I waited just 5 days short of 9 months, but I think I was waiting much longer.

I chose not to fight the jerk about anything in the divorce. I walked away from quite a bit because I just wanted to get it over and done with as quickly as possible. That took 9 months, so I can’t imagine how long it would have taken if I decided to take it to court! I went after what was important and that was my kids, my home, and my freedom. Yeah, I could have fought over money that he owed me, for spousal support, or the better vehicle. But those things weren’t important to me then. They aren’t important to me now.

I just wanted the whole thing to be behind me and finally with just a few words it was.

I don’t talk to him anymore. Only have maybe 2 times this year, over minor issues that couldn’t be avoided. I mean, we have kids together, so it is unavoidable that we will need to speak at sometime or another through out the years, but it will only happen when it can’t be avoided.

Did I feel sad about the divorce? Nope.

Did I think about the good times? Nope.

Did I feel frustrated because it was taking so long? Yes.

I thought it would be harder, when all of that started, but I can’t tell you how easy it was to just walk away. That’s what’s sad to me. That at the end of 13 years, I really didn’t have anything to miss or want to hold on to.

And this post closes (once and for all) that chapter in my life.

Here She Comes Again

Let me tell you something.

It has been a while.

A looong while since I’ve written but I gotta tell you, right now, it just feels right.

How is everyone doing? Is anyone still around? If you are, well, I am proud of you! I can’t say that I’ve been a dedicated blogger; I’ve been downright terrible, it’s been 13 months since I’ve last posted.  Terrible!

I’ve missed writing a ton though, many times I’ve “written” posts in my thoughts but it doesn’t count. And it isn’t the same.

I suppose I just needed a break; a new chapter in my life. I loved writing and sharing all the things I was going through, but I was just too close to myself, my blog had me trapped to the badness in a way.

I wanted to start a new blog (and I did actually – more on that in a bit) but I also really love this one. I’m attached and I suppose that’s why I kept it up and running, even though nothing new was written.

Anyway- I went back and forth. And forth and back. And the same thoughts kept entering my mind. Just start writing again. Just keep going where you left off.

So then now here I am, and I am great! All of the yucky stuff worked its way out, my life is going really well. The kids are great, and guess what? I’ve had another baby 🙂

My post before this touched on a relationship I was in and well, it blossomed and grew, and we are in love love love and I honestly have never been happier.

It feels so good to say that!

It feels even better to mean it!

So I’ve been itching to write and now here I am. I am back and will be posting again regularly about who knows what. Life I suppose. Mommying. Housemading. Best Girlfriend-in-the-worlding. Cooking. Who knows, but it is sure to be a hoot!

And if you want to see the other blog I’ve been working on, which happens to be about my littlest little babe, you can find it at

I really hope everyone is doing great and won’t think me too crazy for just randomly reappearing, but I’ve missed this terribly and just couldn’t stay away any longer.