Best Friday Night Budget Wine

It’s Friday night which has always been my favorite night of the week. When I was cool younger I would be almost ready to head out of the door for a night of drinking and grinding on a dance floor in some club downtown. I’d be dressed in something skimpy and uber trendy, smelling great and oblivious to the fact that Saturday I would be broke and there would be hell to pay after facing an all nighter.

Now a days at 10 o’clock on a Friday night I am smitten to be sitting in sweats and listening to the radio drinking a glass (or two) of wine, knowing my alarm wont be going off at 5:45 am.  I know, I know, age has started to get to me, but honestly, I love that I am not in my 20’s anymore and I love that I enjoy drinking wine and not 5 dollar shots. 10 years ago I’d probably spend an easy 65$ on shots, beer and tips when I was out “celebrating” just because it was a Friday night.


But in the past 10 years I’ve grown, I’ve mellowed, I’ve acquired responsibility and I’d rather buy a few nights worth of dinner or an outfit or a set of dishes with that money I once so foolishly disposed of so freely. This does not make me a stick in the mud though (who even says that). I’m still a party girl at heart and even broke old lady’s who like to buy china can afford to drink on a Friday night. Continue reading

My List of Resolutions from 2010 and where I’ll go from here…

It was a year ago when I set out to be the author of a blog documenting 365 resolutions that I would like to accomplish in the year of 2010. I worked for days trying to come up with enough tasks to keep me busy for a year. The idea was that as I’d cross each item off of the list I’d share my experience through blog land. I pulled together a mixture of good deeds, fun things, healthy efforts, shopping excursions and some stuff I felt I should just do.

I never actually got any further than making the list of resolutions. I suppose I was scared, overwhelmed or simply didn’t believe I had it in me to follow through with the never ending “To-Do List”. I did, however,  keep my list and now that that a year has passed I have decided it might be a good idea to revisit what I had set out to do and see if I had actually gotten anything done in subconscience effort. Continue reading

There are certain things husbands just shouldn’t be in charge of.

When I came home from work today I was excited to see the inside rack of my dishwasher out of the dishwasher and propped up against one of the walls.

“Is your Dad fixing the dishwasher?” I asked my recently unemployed homebound husband in a chipper voice.

The thought of the dishwasher (which has been broken and useless for ummm 2 years) working again delighted me more than words can say.

“Open it up,” he replied in a  dooms-dayish way. The tone in his voice brought visions of  huge rats nests and swamp-like water in the belly of the broken machine through my mind.

I shook my head and simply stated, “I’m scared.”

Again, he said (this time a bit annoyed), “Open it up”.

Reluctantly, I reached for the handle and ever so slowly lifted up the lever. As I warily peeked inside I began to giggle, then I laughed. Hard. Continue reading

Snuggle Buggin’

I know, I know; The weekends over and I still haven’t published the list that I’ve been avoiding like the plauge.

I’ll get there. It’s currently a work in progress, sitting on my night stand waiting for patiently for my attention.

While avoiding the list I’ve done a full weekend of cooking; I made teriyaki tofu with cabbage slaw, stuffed eggplants, a 14 pound turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, garlic string beans with tomatoes, carrots marcella, and a lemon ricotta cake. Then I had my husbands family over for a beer drinking contest football feast.

Throw in the dismantling of the Christmas decorations and regular cleaning and it turned out to be a pretty hectic but wonderful weekend.

Anywhoo, I’m going to crawl into my comfy and inviting bed now and hibernate for the next 8 hours.

Sweet dreams, readers; Hopefully, during these bitter cold nights, all of your beds are as toasty warm and snuggle worthy as ours.

And most importantly, may next weeend come quickly!

Reminder to Self: Being a Size 0 is Much More Satisfying than that 14 Point Piece of Pie

I joined Weight Watchers, I learned to eat right, I learned to love working out and I lost 47 pounds.

Then they changed the program and I’ve struggled ever since.

I have been using the change (and the extra points) as an excuse to eat sweets and the cold weather as an excuse to not go to the gym.

Now my pants are feeling tight and I’m feeling disappointed in myself.

I know I have to just knock it off, get rid of this lazy, can-eat-cake attitude, get it back together, get back into the gym and change my mindset back to what it was just a few weeks ago.

Pms or not, extra points or not, snow or not.. I’m just going to try my best to remember how unimportant that sticky bun really is, how sexy my hip bones are and put down the damn fork.


For real.

A little self loathing usually works for me but I am sure there are some more positive ways to get back on track. Am I the only one who beats myself down to get back on top?  Do you have any positive ways of re-motivating yourself when you get off track that you can suggest?

#76 Post This List to Blog

It took me forever to get the ball rolling for the main topic of my blog but I am proud to say, I finally got it up and running!

I created a new list of 365 Resolutions based on an idea I had last year but never followed through with. You can read about that here.

Since I thought I had come up with a pretty nifty idea, I decided that this year I would make a whole new list and get ‘er done right this go around.

I even gave the list her very own special page.


My goal now is to get everything crossed off of that there stress inducing-I’ll never run out of things to get done-list of 365 Resolutions for 2011.

Sure, some items are easy and silly but I just don’t have the time to cliff dive or hang glide so I needed to be realistic with my tasks. Give me 5 years though, I just might have the time for those fun things then!

For now, over the next 365-ish days I’ll be working on checking items off of my list and sharing my experiences and any advice or tips that I may have about these random and pretty suburban housewife type of  tasks.

I suppose now I owe you a celebratory dance.