When Did My Life Become Such A Bore?

Earlier this week I wanted to cheer myself up and try to get some items crossed off of my list, so I gave myself a little self-therapy… Belated birthday shopping.

Okay, I should re-phrase that… I gave myself A LOT of self therapy.

So much, in fact, that I have spent enough money to pay 3 months worth of electric bills cross off 15 items . I am not going to write about them all in this post because it would take me three days to pull it all together, instead I will start with two things that I kissed my money goodbye for really needed.

I didn’t buy any diamond earrings or fur coats for my birthday! Instead, I bought a little something for the fella in this house who does wear a fur coat.

My poor baby Spookers never had proper cat dishes. When we adopted him it was not something we were planning on doing and because Huz was so very mean and nasty against having animals in the house, I didn’t want to spend any more money on the sweet boy than I had to.

I put his food and water in plastic take-out containers and they worked, so they became his official dishes.

The only problem with them were that they were just too big and weren’t ascetically appealing.

They were take out containers for cripes sake.

I had seen quite a few dishes over the past few months, but never liked the colors or the shapes, so, when I saw these cute things at Target the other day I quickly snatched them up. Yay!

I also got a placemat (that coordinates with my tablecloth thank-you-very-much)to rest the bowls on. This wasn’t an effort to make him feel fancy, that would be ridiculous!

I got it because the dishes are in a spot that could be easily over looked and easily kicked while coming up the basement stairs. The placemat just helps them stand out a bit more to prevent accidents. His old “dishes” were on a rug but it was way too big and looked weird.  I think he misses standing on his rug while he eats, but he will get over it.

Spooky is a big boy now and he seems to like his fish bone dishes. I bet he really likes that the water gets refilled with fresh water every few hours instead of once a day because the dish doesn’t hold very much.

Moving on… I also didn’t buy myself a new car, but I did however, buy myself the Cadillac of trash cans. Yup! I have been longing for this trash can ever since I laid my eyes on him, a million months ago. When Huz was here I would never get away with buying a such an expensive thing to store TRASH in, but since he is not here now, I did what any other severely bitter estranged wife would do.

I splurged.

On a trash can.

Oh, I am so spiteful!

Isn’t he a beauty?! But wait, it gets better… Not only is this handsome guy a trash can, no, when you open up the lid he also contains a recycle bin.

Depth and Character, two qualities I admire!

My life sure is exciting isn’t it? 😉


18 thoughts on “When Did My Life Become Such A Bore?

  1. I ust love your blogs so much I finally have to reply. You absolutely have blown me away with your ability to stay strong while using your” words” to describe your passions. This one really tickled me silly. I am loving the “he” when you describe the “trash” can just as a guy describes a car as a “she”. Cars ,” she’s” that is, are fast and furious while the trash,” he’s”, can be put out to the curb. Keep up this great blog I look foward to reading it. Love you always, Aunt Kathy

  2. Yeah, the Fiancee and I totally spoiled our cats when they were here. It really does make a difference when you have the ability to do that. I absolutely love Spooky’s new dishes. We bought a feeder dish for our boys with an attached water dispenser (like hamsters get) but they couldn’t really figure that out. So we had the big ugly water dish. I see an expensive trip to PetSmart in my future. All FOUR of my baby kittehs need some goodies.

    AWESOME trash can! I love the duel bins inside AND the sleekness.

    Great finds!

  3. Hi Ginger, I stumbled on your blog from the tag surfer. Great stuff and very funny. Spook is beautiful. Both of mine were adopted, too. One of these days I’ll get pics of them posted in a blog lol. Take care!

  4. You have a very lucky little cat there to have his own ‘fishy’ dishes! And your trash can is neat, too. Makes perfect sense…and as you said, you can pretty much do what you want now, so that’s a great way to look at it.
    Enjoyed your post…

  5. It’s those little things that make a house a feel like a home – a home of your own. Congrats on those little splurges – they’ll make you smile everytime you look at them and that’s a beautiful thing!

  6. Okay, so your cat? He’s all like, “Hellz, yeah, she got me a new bowl. Wuz up, playa?”
    And your trash can is all like, “Hellz, yeah, I’m da shiznik of trash canz. Check up on my chrome.”

    …and you’re all, “I TOTALLY deeeezerv to shed some green up on myseff.”

    …It’s possible that I worked out too hard today.

    But I really do like your trash can. And your cat. And your post. And you.

    I need a motrin. peeeeece out. 😉

  7. I love it! And I know those dishes from Target, I bought my roommate’s cat the same when I was still living at the old apartment! So great! haha

    Happy belated Birthday to you, too! I did some shopping in the past week as well, seems like this is a general theme for Geminis this month! 🙂

  8. I suck because I didn’t wish you a happy birthday for the past oh, probably 25 years! But, retail therapy is my therapy of choice, and the best when it’s for your birthday because who else knows better what you want then you, and why should they have all the fun shopping, anyway! I loves Spooks- looks just like my first cat, Butterscotch-the female equivalnent.

  9. Im not a cat person but your kitty looks soooooooooo cute!
    And I agree that he deserved new bowls LOL. My boyfriend’s puppy refuses to eat/drink out of two particular bowls. Not only does he refuse to eat anything that has been in the bowl from the day before, but the actual bowl has to be swapped over just to make sure he isn’t being conned! LOL. So if the green bowls are left out on Monday, he’ll go on hunger strike on Tuesday til he gets the orange bowls! And he’s tiny and only weighs 4lbs! Talk about spoilt! LOL. So you’re very lucky that you have a cat that isn’t as demanding as Maddison when it comes to feeding!

    And the bin looks cool too 😛

  10. Love the bowls, they’re adorable, as is your kitty. Great pick! And my roommate and I could really use one of those trash cans. Saw above that you got it at BB&B, so I just might have to make a quick trip there!

  11. You’re bin is very pretty as far as bin trends go. I’ve got something like this built into my kitchen with all the different compartments. BUT my stupid flat block has no recycle bins so next to useless and instead I store different things in them. Do hope you have recycle facilities so they’re actually put to use. Lastly,love your cat. I am a real cat person

  12. I was starting to really dig that trash can then I thought about my 12-year-old. He gets into things you know. All quiet like. And I can’t have nice dishes for him, he’ll flip them when he’s hungry or thirsty. So the dog keeps me frugal I suppose!

  13. I need to have that trash can! I have a similar-looking one my sister got me for a b-day gift (sounds odd, but I loved it), except that I want something that will hold trash and recycling. That’s perfect! Love it!

  14. I fall for this too, engaging in retail therapy to cheer up but then ending up buying very little for myself and mostly buying stuff that has been on my list of things to get for .. forever 🙂 i love your blog.. love the humor.

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