365 Archive


1 Have a girls night with Sister-inLaws
2 Go to Wegmans with Mom
3 Go to Reading Terminal and eat at Mexican place
4 Roller skate with kids
5 Black Friday Shopping
6 Have lunch with a friend
7 Have lunch with my sister
8 Watch fireworks *item changed
9 Go to Chinatown with family
10 Go to Anthroplogie and buy dish towels
11 Go away for a minimum of 2 nights
12 Go in the ocean
13 Go to a store and don’t buy anything
14 Go to Chesnut Hill’s first Monday
15 Walk to WAWA for milk
16 Walk to Pathmark for a needed ingredient
17 Find another great consignment shop
18 Go to a park and have a picnic
19 Go to Melting Pot with Jen
20 Go bowling with the kids
21 Go iceskating with the kids
22 Go to baseball game with family
23 Go to Baltimore Aquarium
24 Day trip to the beach
25 day trip to the mountians
26 Go to a driving range or play minature golf
27 Go to pottery barn outlet
28 collect sea shells
29 collect pebbles
30 go to NY to visit Beth
31 go for a long walk alone
32 go for a long walk with the kids
33 go for a long walk with a friend
34 visit my moms family
35 sit in chair by edge of ocean
36 go to restoration hardware outlet and find a steal
37 go to a fancy restaurant with Lee
38 See a movie and write a review
39 Go to a thrift store
40 Go to a Farmers Market
41 Go to the harvest Festival
42 Go shopping with Melissa
43 Try a Zumba class using a LA Fitness free pass
44 Watch clouds
45 Swim
46 Hold hands with Lee
47 Take a class
48 Write a champs card at work
49 Take a fantastic picture
50 Go to the gym before work
51 Go to the gym right after work
52 Do something fun
53 Randomly dance
54 Jumprope
55 set the table fancy
56 pick flowers
57 plant flowers in back yard
58 Snow board
59 Skip
60 Do a cartwheel
61 Run two miles on treadmill
62 Read a book
63 make a workout playlist
64 ride a real bike
65 play basketball
66 take 1 day and do absolutely nothing with it
67 Do a victory dance for finishing this long ass list.
68 use an umbrella


69 Bake a cake
70 Make a pie from scratch
71 Make Blueberry Muffins
72 Make a cheese cake
73 Make cookies using all whole wheat flour
74 make really good cupcakes
75 make bread
76 Post this list to blog
77 get blog fully set up
78 get a subscriber
79 start a blog roll
80 comment on someones blog
81 Write about something funny someone does
82 Write a “What I wish I said”
83 Share a good tip with someone
84 share a style tip
85 Keep my weight under 125 for a full year (Date:Oct 30)
86 Get to 117 lbs
87 save more than 350 $ before spending
88 go one day without coffee
89 get 10 of this lists items done in 1 day
90 get 5 of this lists items done in one day
91 take over one of Lee’s drawers
92 go to a party and not drink
93 eat something I’ve never had before
94 try a new piece of equipment at the gym
95 go to the gym 7 days in a row
96 Keep my cool in a tough situation
97 Create a usable rec room in basement using consignment shops and craigslist.
98 keep dresser cleared off for a week
99 get something awesome from free table
100 Quit Smoking!!!!
101 Do a 5k
102 Find something GREAT on clearance
103 Win a contest
104 Get something for free
105 Complete 1/4 of list (91 things)
106 complete 1/2 of this list (183 things)
107 Complete 3/4 list (274 things)
108 Complete full list
109 Become a weight watchers leader
110 Finish this list
111 Make caramel apples with Natalie
112 Cook a lobster
113 Make Chocolate covered strawberries
114 Make a Mexican dish from cookbook
115 Make stuffed peppers
116 Make a turkey
117 Make caramel sauce
118 Make Smores at home
119 Make hot chocolate
120 Get a weight watchers cook book and cook my way through it
121 make heart eggs for valentines day
122 create a recipe and share it
123 learn how to light the grill
124 Make fresh salsa
125 Make a  “House Rules” sign
126 Make a Daily to-do list for kids.
127 Make a love sign
128 Make a Valentine
129 Make a craft
130 Make a wreath of some type
131 Make a cool snowflake window display like Anthropogie
132 make a better curtain for the kitchen door
133 complete a scrap book
134 write a poem
135 make Joannas recipe box
136 make a “huz luvs me” vase
137 make garland
138 wrap a gift really cool


139 Hang pictures downstairs
140 Update switchplates in kitchen
141 Hang pictures upstairs
142 Get another bookshelf for living room
143 Buy and hang flag for porch
144 Chair for front porch
145 Get an awesome window treatment for the picture window
146 Decorate for Valentines Day
147 Decorate St Patties Day
148 Decorate Easter
149 Decorate 4th of July
150 Decorate Summer
151 Hang lanterns in back yard
152 Hang lanterns on porch
153 Make or find a bedskirt
154 Decorate for Halloween
155 Decorate for Fall
156 Decorate for Thanksgiving
157 Decorate for winter
158 Decorate for Christmas
159 Get a new kitchen table
160 Paint a room
161 re-line the kitchen drawers
162 hang twinkle lights in Nans room
163 hang something over my bed
164 Paint Isaacs room
165 repaint back door
166 repaint front door
167 get a small square ottoman
168 get new trash/recycle bins for kitchen
169 get a crystal to hang in bedroom window
170 get a crystal to hang in picture window
171 get a lamp for dresser
172 get new pillows
173 get cat dishes
174 find a better place for Guiness sign
175 rug for front door
176 paint behind heaters with a skinny roller
177 get laundry hampers for everyones room
178 rehang stuff in basement bathroom
179 paint basement wall
180 fun curtains for Nan’s room
181 get a floor pillow from pier 1
182 new curtains for bedroom
183 Buy a lottery ticket
184 Donate something
185 Eat gummy bears
186 go to bed early
187 stay up late
188 take a picture of myself
189 When someone asks how I am respond with “I can’t complain.”
190 tell a good knock knock joke
191 Pick up a coin I find on the ground
192 get the cat a new toy
193 cash in change
194 buy a gift ahead of time
195 Have a trick-or-treat open house
196 Have someone over for a cookout
197 Have Melissa over to hang out
198 invite parents to dinner
199 Host Easter brunch


200 Make a music video with the kids
201 Make a comedy skit with the kids
202 Get a family picture taken
203 Have an over the top movie night with kids
204 Get Spook fixed
205 Eat dinner in the back yard on the patio
206 Get a pinata for the kids
207 Pull a prank on the kids
208 Make a snowball
209 Wrestle Isaac
210 Take a vacation
211 Visit my parents for a full weekend
212 Eat crabs
213 Go to Knobels
214 Make a snow angel
215 Build a snowman with the kids
216 take another vacation
217 Play a game with the kids
218 Get ice cream with the family


219 get a hook for the step rail to hang coats on
220 Get a night stand.
221 Learn how to turn on fireplace
222 Get a under cabinet radio for kitchen
223 Get a remote for my tv
224 remote for cable box
225 extension cords for bedroom
226 basket for bedroom heater (for Spook to nap in)
227 Dry Clean coats
228 Put weatherstripping around doors


229 Spackle walls, touch up paint.
230 Buy and hang wind chimes for front porch
231 Buy an appliance at a great price
232 Re-carpet basement
233 Winter Cleaning Day
234 Spring Cleaning Day
235 Summer Cleaning Day
236 Fall Cleaning Day
237 Get a bamboo plant
238 Buy flowers
239 Clean all the blinds in the house
240 Clean picture frames
241 Clean all windows
242 Shovel snow
243 Get a new tv for bedroom
244 fix window in back door
245 make a new collage frame
246 fix printer
247 get the right nails for hanging pictures
248 get 4 new towels and throw out 4 old
249 cable in kids room and new boxes for all
250 reorganize outside of fridge
251 clean inside of fridge
252 plant herbs
253 paint fence
254 sew ripped sofa cushion
255 get Sally’s (Nans bear) leg fixed
256 fix something
257 mop the entire downstairs in one day
258 clean all of the baseboards
259 Clean the inside of the oven


260 Make an optimal storage solution for bedding.
261 Make an optimal storage solution for out of season clothing.
262 Get storage boxes for my shoes.
263 Organize Christmas decorations neatly and efficently
264 Create a seasonal decoration area in attic or basement
265 Clean out under kitchen sink – reorganize efficently
266 Reorganize bedroom closet
267 Purge all old beauty products
268 Reorganize desk
269 Get rid of magazines
270 Get school supplies before Sept 1st
271 Clean car inside and out – WINTER
272 Clean car inside and out – SPRING
273 Clean car inside and out – SUMMER
274 Clean car inside and out – FALL
275 Put all dvd’s into a cd binder
276 Put all cd’s into a cd binder
277 Organize bathroom closet and shelves
278 organize and figure storage for bags
279 make a folder for decorating ideas
280 make a folder for coupons
281 get another hanging storage thing for coats
282 On the door rack for attic door
283 organize jewelry
284 organize top drawer of dresser
285 reorganize Natalie’s bedroom
286 reorganize Isaacs bedroom
287 get more containers for food storage
288 make a master shopping list for all items on list
289 put all gift wrapping in one place



Get a free Latte
291 Eat a caramel apple
292 Visit Jonnie’s grave
293 Make a wish
294 Drink Champagne
295 Sell something
296 Say no
297 Say yes
298 Get a new steering wheel cover
299 Change name at the bank
300 Do something differently
301 Make someone happy
302 Force a smile to cheer up
303 Laugh out loud genuinelly
304 Give three sincere compliments in a day
305 be proud of something I’ve done
306 Give a great handshake
307 be kind to a stranger
308 make a new friend
309 reconnect with an old friend
310 do something spontaneous
311 get to work early
312 buy something online
313 take a nap
314 celebrate an accomplishment
315 write a letter
316 Print this list and bring it with me everyday


317 Paint kitchen cabinets
318 New hardware for cabinets
319 repaint upstairs railing
320 fix handrail for stairs and refinish
321 plant plants in the window box
322 get the right size piece of wood for under fireplace
323 repaint fireplace (metal)
324 Finish bathroom
325 Fix basement shower
326 Utilize attic space efficently
327 Paint beadboard in kitchen same color as baseboards
328 Paint window frames in kitchen
329 Paint outside railing
330 Paint concrete wall outside and reseal
331 Paint wood on porch
332 Front yard flower bed
333 Clean up back yard
334 Crown molding in a room
335 find a chair and refurb
336 fix rocks around tree by trash cans
337 tile fireplace surround


338 Only trim hair…no cuts
339 Get a tan
340 Sculpt an awesome bikini body by the Memorial day
341 Have Matt train me on the best way to work out
342 Buy an awesome bikini
343 Get naval pierced
344 Wear no make up to work one day
345 Get a pedicure and manicure
346 Pick out a whole weeks worth of outfits on a Sunday
347 Take pants and skirts to get altered
348 Get a massage
349 Give myself a manicure
350 Exfoliate
351 Take a bubble bath
352 Go into a sauna
353 Buy red lip stain from lush
354 Get a new wallet
355 Bring a nail file to work
356 Paint my nails a funky color
357 Wear a great outfit to the State of the Union Meeting
358 Get new spring wardrobe
359 Get new Summer wardrobe
360 get rain boots
361 take some photos of outfits
362 get new bras and underware
363 buy a party dress
364 Get a spring trench coat
365 Get an anti-aging cream and write a review*item changed


40 thoughts on “365 Archive

  1. Wow – this is crazy-cool! I think you have given me an idea for a new blog in 2012. 🙂 (I would say I’d do it this year, but my hands are full with a yoga blog I keep, a weekly volunteering gig I write lesson plans for, and a daily and weekly blog I committed to doing this year.) But once these things come to an end (which many of them will later this year), I think a 365 Resolutions might be right up my alley. Thanks for the insight! 🙂


  2. Hey Stef, thanks a lot for such a nice compliment! Good luck with all of your blogs, you sure have a lot going on, great for you!! I enjoyed reading smilekiddo last night and will definitely be reading it more! I’ll also check out your other blogs! Have a great day 🙂

  3. Wow. I LOVE this! I tend to avoid new year’s resolutions, because I consider myself more of a list maker (I make monthly to-do list of goals, and I keep a Life’s To Do List which I recently turned into a blogging project) but I never thought of doing 365 Resolutions. I may have to try this next year! Thank you for sharing your list with the world so that you can inspire a total stranger like me. 🙂


    1. Sometimes I wonder if I am crazy for making such a long to-do list but it feels so good to get the tasks done! I will surely check out your page tonight, we sound a lot alike! Cheers! Have a great day and thank you!

    1. Thanks! I’d suggest writing things down as you think of them if you are planning on doing 365, it’s much easier than trying to figure them out over a few days! I’ve already started a few for next year so I won’t forget. Good luck and have fun!

  4. I read your list. Quite impressive. That seems like a big order to fulfill, but I’m sure that YOU can do it. I’m a great beliver in ‘Do it yourself’ so if you ask for any help, I’ll have to say, “Do it yourself!”, which I’m sure you can do.
    By the way, review #267. I read your blog, and you said that you just did that.
    Great job kiddo.

    1. Uh, thanks for your “unhelp” Dad 🙂

      Thank you for reading and thanks for pointing out #267, I am going to update the list now. I love you very much, and really, thank you for everything. I know you believe in me and that makes my belief in myself all the much stronger.

  5. Just been looking though your list again! It’s really very very good… the do 10 items in one day is going to take some organising!!
    Is the plan to do all 365 in this year?
    I hadn’t really realised the scale of it before…
    Was this why your blog set up?
    Also, I know you’re going through some very personal not-so-easy times right now, you are an inspiration to stay so strong and focused and push through, as I know that is what you have to do.
    Amazing, that’s all I can say, you are truly wonderful!

  6. Oh my goodness – that’s one crazy long list! I’m inspired by it though and will create my own at some point! Congrats on the accomplishments and good luck on the rest!

  7. Hey 🙂
    You fairly seem to be getting through your list since the last time I took a peek. So proud of you 🙂
    But I reckon you should consider #309 completed cos you are kind to every single stranger who is lucky enough to stumble across your wonderful blog.
    Keep you the good work 🙂

    1. Oh Toffee, you are brilliant and as sweet as your name! I think I will take your advice and cross it off, I just need to go buy a new keyboard for my pc because that’s the broken item of the week! Love ya girl and thanks a bunch 😀

  8. Ginger, so good to see you back. Great to see you crossing some list items too [just read about the aquarium!]

    Ok, so in a bid to keep motivation, feel proud and satisfied and keep a roll on your items I thought I’d take a scan at your list again and see what you’re up against! Please feel free to reply saying keep my thoughts to myself, but I think the following points can be noted…

    So item 117, I made this last week, it is easy, quick, no effort and keeps good in the fridge to eat as and when! http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/food/homemade-caramel-sauce-in-5-minutes-2480531

    Item 189/190 – you can do them both in a day right?
    Also, internet shopping would easily sort out item 194. Hey, buy Christmas pressies, just one ahead of time – that’s done right?

    I bet 202 / 205 you’ve actually done this summer without even realising – yay or nay…

    237 – these little things so easily inspire peaceful thoughts. We get them cheap even in just a supermarket here, take a look. Put it someone to give yourself restful thoughts.

    270 – do it soon!!

    293/303/304 again – you can do these Ginger, no problem!

    307 -done every day on blog!

    295/312 – one word. EBAY!

    361 – I’d love this post!

    There’s even more on here you can so already tick off I bet!

    Much love x

    1. Holly, I love you so much for this! I am so grateful for such a sweet friend like you, thank you for your encouragement! You are right, I can get all of those done without too much effort. You really made my day and cheered me up. I suppose I’ve been semi-stuck on what I can’t do, but that is not the attitude I need to hold on to, otherwise it would make me a quitter, which I really am not. There are even some I can tweak on here and some that I’ve done without even writing about yet. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your encouragement and belief in me means more to me than I can ever express! Love you Girly!!

  9. Ooooh, I’ve met another compulsive list-maker. I like the crossing-out part, don’t you? I might have to crib off you on the “365 Resolutions” idea — excellent. And thank you for visiting and supporting the sites of other women bloggers.

    1. Lists are a lot of fun and I love crossing things off 🙂 I feel like I jinxed myself on quite a few things, but no worries, I am still doing what I can 🙂 Have fun putting your list together and thanks for the comment!

  10. i’ve never seen such a well organized list like this before – are you just going to add things left to do to 2012?

    1. Hi there, fivereflections, to be honest I am not sure how I am going to handle 2012, but I suppose I better make a decision soon!

      I know I am going to keep my list open but not sure if I’ll be coming up with a 2012 list like this, it didn’t exactly go as planned lol I suppose this week will tell! Thanks for reading!

  11. You don’t smoke do you!? I used too for 4 years (2006-2010) Then I managed to quit. I found it quite easy though. I had nicotine patches. I only smoked because I was into a ‘tortured artist’ phase. 🙂

    1. Yes, I do. I started because I was in a “I’m a super rebelous want to look cool teenager” phase and it has been a crutch ever since. I quit here and there and know that I can really kick the habit if I want, but never try hard enough. I will soon though, it’s disgusting.

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