Weekend Start Off

The forecast is calling for more snow today and so far I’ve been proven absolutely wrong in my “there will be no snow this year” prediction. I enjoy the snow when there isn’t anything that needs to be done outside of the house. Today though, we have plans of doing some Christmas shopping, so hopefully it won’t be too messy out.Do you have any plans today that could be ruined by the weather?

I also need to do a mega-sized food shop but I think waiting til tomorrow will have to do. People act crazy when it is supposed to snow and I know the market will be packed with people. I can still remember a few years back when there was a snow storm and the news was broadcasting from the market when they said “People have cleared the shelves out buying essentials such as milk, bread, and chips.” Chips. That still makes me laugh. Personally, my go-to junk food is Entemann’s, but chips are good, too! Do you stock up for storms and is there a go-to snack you like to have on hand when you are trapped inside?

I’m almost done decorating for Christmas. The outside of our house hasn’t been done yet, but we will probably get it done this weekend. I know the lights will look pretty in the snow, so we should probably get to work on it today. I think I’m about halfway done my gift shopping, too. So, I’m feeling pretty good about the holiday. How about you, if you celebrate Christmas, are you all done your shopping? Did you decorate this year?

3 thoughts on “Weekend Start Off

  1. Mmmm…sorry to have to comment on my weather, breezy, balmy 80’s here in South Florida. Had breakfast outside by the lake, took a bike ride and planning to walk by the beach tomorrow….hate me yet? Please don’t, no Xmas gifts have been bought, hardly started all my holiday baking, my home is decorated, cards have not been mailed…it’s really the same as you, just with nicer weather!

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