December Photo a Day Challenge

I’ve decided to take part in the December Photo a Day Challenge. I’ve had a good time with these challenges in the past. I’ve added an Instagram widget to my side board and will be displaying the photos there for the month. I’ve also been trying to set up an image widget above my photos showing the topics for each day, but it isn’t working correctly. I believe this has to do with a bug in the upgrades WordPress made active yesterday, but I’m not certain. I’ll give it a day or two and then ask the forums for help if it isn’t resolved.

Anyway, here is the month’s challenges, in case you want to join in! Thanks to one of my best blogging pals, naughteebits, for posting this!


9 thoughts on “December Photo a Day Challenge

    1. Thanks, I am wondering if I should post the pictures as posts also. I don’t want to flood anyone with posts, but I got a lot of positive feedback when I did this back in the day. Any suggestions? Maybe a weekly summary? I think that might be good, what do you think?

      1. Okay cool. I think I will do your idea of posting it at the end of the week. I’ll start taking photos tomorrow, since I missed last week’s topics. I’m going to do mine on the blog, but you can still follow me on instagram! 🙂 IG: agirlnamedjenn

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