Toast for Breakfast?

Last week my fourteen year old informed me that his school was having a breakfast party to celebrate the upcoming holiday.

“That’s great, it sounds like fun! Are you supposed to bring something in?” I asked him.

“Toast.” He replied matter of factly.

I chuckled.”Toast?”

“Yea,” he responded, “it’s easy and cheap so, I said toast.”

“Well, I could make cinnamon buns, or something if you wanted. To surprise them. Would you like that?” I asked him.

“Um, sure. That would be good but I won’t tell them,” he replied somewhat enthusiastically.

Yesterday, when we were at the market, he reminded me of the rolls I said I’d make, so I used my phone to Google some recipes for cinnamon buns. I quickly became intimidated because yeast is apparently a required ingredient.

Yeast and I don’t get along.

No worries! I’m brilliant! Instead of failing miserably making them from scratch, I decided to just buy a few containers of the refrigerated rolls. I’d just pop open the can and bake them in the morning before he left for school. Easy peasy, right?

This morning I start my coffee and open the fridge to get out the three tubes of refrigerated dough. I don’t see them anywhere. Not on the shelves. Not in the drawers. Not on the door. I begin to get anxious and imagine they were left at the store. I crossed my fingers and opened up the freezer. Yay! There they were!

I pull out my baking pans, spray them down with non-stick spray then look at the rock hard tube of dough for the temperature to set the oven.


For the next half-hour I worried over two possible explosions: my sons from disappointment or the frozen tubes of dough. Fortunately, everyone here is used to my scatterbrain, so my son was hardly concerned and thankfully the tubes haven’t exploded.

By the way — just in case you were wondering it was BF wasn’t me who put the rolls in the freezer and I don’t think there is anyone out there who really hates toast.


11 thoughts on “Toast for Breakfast?

  1. Hey Ginger–toast is always a winner, but just in case you decide that one day you’d like to try making cinnamon buns again, I have a super-delicious, super-easy recipe that DOES NOT use yeast in any form. I think I have the recipe in the archives on my blog site, but if it isn’t there then I’ll post it for you. I make these for Christmas morning every year–drizzle icing sugar mixed with a bit of milk over them while they are still warm from the oven and…oh my, they are tasty. In fact, if I felt better right now I’d go make some and stick them in the mail for you! Maybe one day, right?

  2. Hey we’re having those pop cinnamon rolls on Thursday. I’d much prefer home made but my family likes tradition… and I’ll go for it since it is fast and easy. And my kids too are quite used to me forgetting things and bringing in “toast” instead.

    1. They are quick and easy! I read your post about them yesterday and thought how funny it was that we were both thinking about them 🙂 it must be a sign of some sort!

  3. I TOTALLY get you on the yeast fear! I made The Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls, and it wasn’t a fail. They were actually beyond delicious! You should try it! Just know it makes a crap ton! But you have more in your fam than me, it’s just the BF and I. Seriously, they are easy and so good! 😉

    1. I’ve tried a few of her recipes and have been happy each time! My favorite was her chicken tortilla soup. Oh. Em. Gee. So good! I’m hoping to try Sylvia’s recipe first, then I’ll try PW’s, my biggest issue with the large batch will be not eating it all by myself lol

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