Good Morning!

I love the early morning hours when no one else is awake and I have a bit of time for myself. During the week I get about thirty minutes each day and spend the time doing light cleaning, drinking coffee, and making anyone who wants to eat, breakfast. On the weekends, I get more of this quiet time because no one needs to get up for school or work. These are the days when I take my time to enjoy coffee while reading or going online.

I never was a morning person. It was always hard for me to get up early and even harder to “wake” up. Despite always wishing I was cheerful in the early morning hours, being a morning person eluded me for most of my life. In the past few years though, I haven’t really need an alarm clock (I still set one just in case) and after about ten minutes of auto-pilot behavior, I am ready to face the day.

I’ve only recently started making breakfasts every day. Until recently the kids would just have cereal or a grab granola bar on their way out the door. It always made me feel like a terrible mother so over the past year I have worked to fix that. These days I am good about making pancakes, eggs, breakfast burritos, smoothies, or anything else they might want. Now that making breakfast has become a habit, it’s very easy to do. My daughter doesn’t like to eat in the morning and is usually out of the door for the bus before I’ve come downstairs, but if she wanted anything, I’d make it for her, too! I enjoy making breakfast, it’s always easy, only makes a tiny mess, and I like surprising the guys with something different here and there.

I usually don’t make breakfast on Saturdays, but all of this talk about it is making me hungry!I don’t want to wake anyone up yet though, so I’m just going to grab another cup of coffee, enjoy the quiet and work on another post I had started yesterday. Are you a morning person? If so, what do you like to do with your free “quiet” time? If you aren’t, is there another time of the day that is quiet for you? If so, how do you spend it?


12 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. Im not a morning person either but seems like you ive somehow become one. Also in an effort to make my familys mornings start off well. I love making breakfast for them. My Mom did it once in a while and i remember loving it so i started doing it here many years ago. They get used to it real fast. On those days my sleep goes too long i will hear them pacing outside my room. Its adorable. And my kids are way out of the adorable stage. They are almost all adults except my baby. Who is 16. Lol. I loved your post. Simple honest words about your life. Looking forward to reading more.
    Kate B

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read it! I’m glad you are not a natural morning person like me, but get thru it! It’s a good feeling to overcome the zombie like state, isn’t it? My mom was always the first one up and made breakfast for whoever wanted it, I don’t know how she did it all those years, it was definitely something I took for granted! I hope that someday my youngest will take it for granted too, as funny as it sounds! It’s nice to meet you, I’ll be checking you out in a bit! šŸ™‚ have a great morning!

  2. I used to get up early to get dressed and drink a cup of coffee and get out the door before the rest of the family turned over for the first time. Only on the weekends did I get up later than the rest of you. My quiet time was the fourty-five minutes I spend by myself getting ready for work.
    Now that I’m retired I have all the time I want for myself……boring.

  3. So fun reading your post. Mornings aren’t my favorite either for the past few years. I am struggling as well. I want to make the kids well balanced throughout their day. So I try to take those few minutes preparing a quick breakfast also. I see their smile and it makes it worth it. I try to take a few minutes before they come in from school, making sure I’m prepared for dinner, so I’m ready to face the evening. It’s difficult when you ask four kids what they want for dinner. It can get confusing. So I try to plan ahead most of the time. It’s not easy. And I have to admit, I’m still working on it. Once in awhile pizza has to be ordered. Luckily everyone loves pizza. šŸ™‚

    1. Wow, I bet it gets tricky to figure out what they all want for dinner! What I do here is ask everyone to pick one meal they want, that way everyone is happy at least one night and *usually* happy the others. We order pizza here too, and if I don’t feel like cooking I usually have a frozen pizza I’ll cook and serve with salad. Easy breezy! Thanks for commenting!

  4. I am a great lover of the early morning, quiet hours myself. Such a great way to start the day. Hope you have a beautiful weekend! xx

  5. I am not a morning person, yet I am chronically up at the crack of dawn… Go figure, huh? I need a shower first thing, or I am positively useless all day! šŸ˜‰ I never make breakfast for Bob, because he likes to make his own, and I don’t usually eat until I am hungry, really hungry in the morning. If that means eating after 10 then I usually eat something from the ‘lunch menu’. LOL!

    All that said, if I’d had children, then I’d most likely have turned out just like you, and I’d have made breakfast for the family. šŸ™‚

    1. I often don’t eat until later, too. I usually will just save some of whatever I made for them and eat it when I get hungry. My favorite days are when I cook a late brunch and then nibble all day long, but they don’t happen often!

  6. People might think I’m not a morning person because I don’t like to talk or be around anyone in the morning. But I actually like mornings if I don’t have to rush to go anywhere. I like to drink tea and just sit in silence, enjoying the quiet.

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