Half Empty or Half Full? NaBloPoMo

When I signed up for NaBloPoMo I knew it would be a challenge. I knew that I’d probably have a hard time posting every day. I also knew there was a chance that I’d quit before I even got half way through. It is important to me to not give up (follow through is a new thing I have been working on) so, I am keeping it going.

Even though I’ve missed a couple of days writing last week I made up for them on Sunday by posting 3 times instead of once. I will do the same this weekend. I’ll consider myself to have accomplished NaBloPoMo if I can get a full 30 posts up in the month of November. Is anyone else using this approach?  Maybe. Will this be frowned upon by the NaBloPoMo Gods? I doubt it.

I will say that I haven’t been using this “group” to its full advantage. I mean, if I had my Blogher account fully set up and synced to my posts (I think) I would be getting a lot more traffic. I’d probably even be making some new blogging buddies. I haven’t been reading or doing much interacting with other NaBloPoMo’ers posts via tags or the recommended blogs WP has listed either.

I’d like to say that I’m not putting myself out there and connecting with others because I’m too busy. I am busy but I do have some reading time every night. I’m not being anti-social; I think I’m just being insecure.

Aside from the lack of networking on my part I haven’t been writing about too many real things. These random posts have served as a lot of filler this month and most likely aren’t interesting or make people want to come back to read more.

Negatives aside, there have been some positives that have come from participating:

  • I’ve learned how to set up auto-posts and see that the feature works. For some reason I believed it wouldn’t. This is a great tool for the days I am able to get in more than one post (when I’m not playing catch up.)
  • I’ve created an editorial calendar — even though I am straying from it already. That just means it isn’t a realistic schedule for me and I need to try something more suitable.
  • I’ve stopped putting so much pressure on myself to write the “perfect” post. My therapist pointed out to me the reason I probably procrastinate on everything is because I am a perfectionist. I’m still working on that and now can see (for the most part) when it is effecting what I need to do.
  • I’ve remembered that the reason I started blogging in the first place. I’ve blogged on and off for approximately 6 years. It’s always been about my love of writing and the enjoyment I get from creating a reflection of my personality.
  • I’ve realized the importance of titles. I worked really hard and had impressed myself with a recent post of mine. Because it was a part of the Kitchn Cure series I was working on it didn’t get more than a handful of views. I knew this would be the case, but I didn’t want to break up the series (remember I am working on follow thru.) It was a tough call — change the title and break the series or follow through. I followed through and feel good about that but the results were predictably disappointing.
  • I have far less spelling errors than I used to. Practice, practice, practice. I still have trouble with “passive speech” and hope to someday understand and fix that on my own, but I have far less spelling errors because I make an effort to spell correctly.

Now that I am at the half-way point in NaBloPoMo it feels good to reflect. It’s nice to realize the positives and stop myself from focusing on the negatives. I hope as the month goes on I remember to work on networking more and revising my editorial calendar so that it is realistic and manageable. Practice, practice, practice!

Are you participating in NaBloPoMo? If so, I’d love to hear how it’s been going for you so far!



6 thoughts on “Half Empty or Half Full? NaBloPoMo

    1. I guess I should have explained.. NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Posting Month, and is a spin off of National Novel Writing Month. The point it to write every day through out the month. If you are interested in doing something similar Blogher runs the same type of group every month, Novemeber is just well known and the “big” one, because of the novel writing.

  1. Hey Ginger,
    I think it’s a great idea that you participate in this challenge. I’ve heard of it before but haven’t come around to doing it – yet. Perhaps another time, as this month is already halfway over.
    I wouldn’t have thought you having so many negative thoughts on your blogging. I think most people blog about their personal stuff as it is hard to come up with really meaningful stories with a life lesson every.single.day.! However, that doesn’t make your blogging less interesting, at least not in my opinion.
    I get how you can be super busy but still have time for reading/ yourself in the evening. I feel that I am spending way too much time in front of a computer so I make sure to have a couple of hours each day away from the time-sucking machine. Be it books, diaries, or just catching up with friends – I need the time away from the computer. Which is also a reason as to why I haven’t blogged frequently in the past few weeks.
    I love the auto-post feature! I use it for my photography blog and I found it works most of the time. Some days it didn’t post in the past so I had to go back in and see what was going on. But it’s reliable 90 percent of the time.

  2. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you’ve made a decision to improve, have made a plan, AND are actually putting it into action. Things will come together. We are SO OUR OWN WORST CRITICS, I’m guilty too! At least know that you’re “doing” while others are just “talking”, that counts for something, no? You just have to get into your groove, as do I! *And please know, that in the little time we’ve known each other, you’ve inspired me SO much! I’m very appreciative to have met you new buddy. Now let’s friggin get to networking before this shizz is over! lol! I’ve TOTALLY dropped the ball on that as well. 😉 You’re doing great! *hugs*

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