My Boyfriend is the Best: Reason #13,904

Right now I have the perfect opportunity to write and it feels a bit awkward. BF is holding El and playing on his computer and I am sitting next to them, playing on my laptop. It came today and I am so excited that I can hardly stand it. It’s nice. Really nice and I am such a lucky girl.

I’ve wanted a laptop for a few years now so that I can type in bed or from the couch when my body isn’t feeling well. It’s been hard writing here lately also because I’m a bit shy and don’t like when people can see what I am writing. This feels much easier and much more private.

The laptop BF picked out is a Lenovo Yoga 2. I never heard of them before he showed me the website. It really is insane. The screen bends forwards and backwards, it can be used as a tablet, a laptop, or made to stand up like a tent. It’s touch screen, has voice command, and hands free command. It really is insane.

I can’t wait to use it in the kitchen. It’s always annoying to me when I’m reading a recipe on my phone and the screen blanks out. That won’t happen anymore 🙂 and now I can save all of our favorite recipes into the computer and add pictures to them. It will be like making our own cookbook!

Anyway, sorry to go on and on. I’m just excited and wasn’t sure what else to write about today. I’m going to play with this some more while the baby is occupied and then give lots of kisses to my awesome BF!



7 thoughts on “My Boyfriend is the Best: Reason #13,904

    1. There is a thumbnail on my front page 🙂

      I’m so glad it finally came! Customs held it in Kentucky (I don’t know why) and I thought they’d have it for a month lol but it came on Friday woo hoo!

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