The Kitchn Cure: Cure My Kitchen| Day Five

Day five of the Kitchn Cure was easy breezy as I didn’t really have anything to do. I had taken so long to get days 1-4 done that I had no choice but to go to the market during those days so we would have food to eat!

The Kitchn Cure | Day Five:

Restock Ingredients

I ended up throwing away a ton of spices on day 2 of the cure. Unfortunately spices are effing expensive. I couldn’t justify blowing my food budget for the month so I’ll be buying what I need, as I need it. I’ve already picked a few up, but I still need plenty more.

No worries! Tossing my collection of expired spices wasn’t something to cry over.

There were plenty of foods left in my pantry that didn’t need restocking. Aside from the random spices I’ve needed, I ended up only having to buy flours, sugars, and some canned items. I also picked up things that I normally stock up on like meats, snacks and produce.

I didn’t take pictures of my groceries because I wasn’t thinking ahead to day 5. Instead here are some pictures I took while using the groceries I bought to make butternut squash soup and a Quiche.

Well, this wraps up day 5. I’m really looking forward to the next post. It will be highlighting some things that we’ve either already purchased or items I’ve added to my wish list. I’ve never done a post like that before so I’m excited!

If you decide to do the Kitchn Cure let me know; I will happily link up to your progress! is linked up! Check out B’s Kitchn Cure Day Four post here


6 thoughts on “The Kitchn Cure: Cure My Kitchen| Day Five

  1. YAY!!! High5 on knocking out another day, woohoo! That pic looks AMAZING! How did the food come out? I didn’t know you were a cook my dear, something else we have in common. 🙂 Cheers to that! Can’t wait to read your next post, you’re more than half way to the finish!

  2. You must feel so good now! All ready for holiday baking and cooking in your organized fresh kitchen! Right before the holidays I toss my baking type spices including the baking soda and powder so I can start fresh and then seasonally I will pitch the others so that I’m not restocking, i.e., expensive, all at once!!

    1. That is a great idea, fresh is best, right!? I’m thinking of attempting a cheesecake sometime soon. Then I’ll be able to clean the oven all over again 😉

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