Keep On Keeping On

It’s only day 3 of the nablopomo and I am already running into troubles with writing.

3 things have worked against me today:

  • El was up all night last night leaving me with zero sleep and brain function
  • El fussed all day because he was cranky for not sleeping last night
  • The two computers here are currently occupied
  • Even though I am exhausted, distracted, and had to use my phone I am still writing πŸ™‚ Well, playing.

    The cool thing is that I noticed some great features on the wp iOS app that I haven’t noticed before:

    it offers most if not all of the kitchen sink editing options!

    I can get fancy from my phone

    I can add a link πŸ™‚

    keep on keeping on

    This is really entertaining me interesting.

      I don’t know what this does.
  • or this
  • hmm

    And here is a picture of Els belly button. He has a heart shaped birthmark. It proves he was made with love!

    This is just an example of how not to blog.
    In case you ever wondered πŸ™‚


    18 thoughts on “Keep On Keeping On

      1. I’m stilllllll working on a calendar. Yep. That’s me. I hope to do a real post today lol I can’t wait for my laptop to get here so I can write at night when bf is watching his shows and my son is hogging the computer downstairs πŸ™‚ We will get thru it together, that’s what we will do!! Cheers!

          1. Thanks! We pre-ordered it so I’d get it as soon as it was released but it ended up being back ordered 😦 it should come in the next couple of weeks though and I can’t wait!

            1. A Lenova Yoga, I can’t wait! I am an apple girl who got talked into a Windows thing. Lol, I think I’ll be happy with it, it looks awesome. We can g-chat if you want πŸ™‚

            2. I haven’t heard of it, can’t wait to see how you like it. I use my Ipad and the BF’s MacBook Pro until I can get my own laptop.
              I don’t even know how to g-chat, but I’d love to! lol. Just tell me what to do πŸ˜€

            3. It’s a chat thing in gmail. If you have a gmail account it’s really easy! I almost got a macbook but this one is really neat and flips crazy ways so I can prop it up while I’m cooking. I hate it when I’m following a recipe on my phone and the screen goes blank and I have dirty hands. It will take up less space on the counter then a lap top too when it’s folded that way.
              I was also thinking of an iPad but I don’t think I’ll be able to type on that, I really want a keyboard. Yay I’m so excited lol

            4. Yep, I know it’s gmail’s chat, but I’ve never used it. I have gmail, so it shouldn’t be that hard to explain to me right? I hope. hahaha
              Oooohh, yes the propping up while cooking, I’ve experienced the sleeping screen/dirty hand too many times. I feel your pain. I love my IPad, but I need a keyboard to and they have cases with them, I used to have one, but, in other ways it’s limited on some things so a laptop is good. When you say it flips all sorts of ways, is it like the one used on Project Runway? (not sure if you watch, but they have something like that)

        1. I just checked out Day 5, I’m doing the “spend nothing” route, and since I went all OCD in the first couple of days, like alphabetically organized my spice rack, OCD, I don’t have anything to do, woohoo!
          Day 6 is going to be a wish list as well, easy peasy!
          Now if I could just get the floors mopped (Day 4), lol

          1. Floors are a pain in my ass! We have one of those shark steamers tho and it makes it really easy and fast but they are still a pain! Lol. I quick saw you changed your header when I was checking the link, are you working on your makeover? They are fun, but sometimes frustrating. I’m gonna get on the computer again in a bit and recheck your site πŸ™‚ I’m excited to see what you come up with!

            1. GIRL! YES!! I just read ahead for the other days, this is the only real thing i have left F! lol. We want that Shark steamer thingy, so you recommend it? Yep, makeover in process. I wanted a holiday theme, simple without looking like Christmas decoration overload. It’s cool, because I’m also using it for my Etsy shop, so two birds with one stone. I also tried to cleanup the sidebar as well. I’m still looking for layout inspiration…such a work in process. I saw the other day that you were looking into CSS, I tried to read the link you posted, derp, lost! I’m still trying to figure out RSS…I love it that I know html (thanks Mysapce!), and it so isn’t needed anymore, because everything is automatically plugged in. This coulpled with trying to market/network, AND create is spreading me thin… *grasping for rope*

            2. Oh I thought Myspace customizing was done using css! In any case if you knew how to work on Myspace you won’t have trouble! But you have your hands full, so it might be best to wait πŸ™‚

              I really like your new header a lot! It doesn’t look too Christmasy, it looks just right!

              Yes, I recommend the Shark, we got ours on sale at Lowes, it was around 80$, which is a little pricy but if you consider all of the money you will save on new mops, cleaner and replacement pads, it ends up being less expensive in the long term.

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