The Beast that was My Backyard

My backyard was more than neglected for a few years. It was the least of my worries and that was evident. All of the trees and bushes had overgrown, the grass had died, and the weeds had happily taken over.

overgrown yard

I attempted to clean it up over the years, but because of the fibro I just didn’t have the strength or energy to get much done. My middle child was supposed to keep up with the lawn, but I didn’t keep on him enough and even with the rare times he did, his efforts didn’t make much of a difference.

overgrown backyard

My boyfriend tried to tackle the mess (and he is a strong and determined man) but the jungle was too much, for even him. So after a few failed attempts of getting the yard in order by ourselves we decided to hire a landscaping company.Β Β 


13 thoughts on “The Beast that was My Backyard

  1. Wow, a great job and something so nice for you to enjoy in this new phase of your life. The secret garden takes a little effort (and cash). I would advise you to keep it very simple but your reno plans sound wonderful. Maybe a few flowers ( next spring?) for the window boxes on that darling wee shed if you haven’t sold by then.

  2. Glad that you finally got that yard looking like a normal yard. I have to do all the work myself as I can’t afford landscapers and my yard is mostly dirt and crabgrass. If you guys have a free weekend you could come over and give me a hand……hehehehehehe.
    Seems as though BF is good for/to you.

  3. Love the new look…my yard is also wayyyy overgrown and the trees are so big now that they do t let the sunlight through, so I guess it’s time to call the arborist again to work his magic!

    1. I know the feeling, I can’t believe the amount of sunlight my yard gets now! It’s a shame all that it costs to keep up with nature. I’d have a lot more done if I could afford it!

  4. WOW! Wonderful changes, Ginger! Next!!! The Farmlet is a mess and we need to get something done before next spring when we intend to sell this place and then move up to the mountain.

    1. We are planning on moving, too! Your deck is a great preparation! I really can’t wait to see it πŸ™‚ I loved our last visit to the mountains ( it is so peaceful and laid back there! I think you just bought the farmlette tho? Why the move?

      1. I call this place the Farmlet from way back because I was doing so much here in the beginning. Now we bought the 25 acre place with the old rickety cabin (ca. 1840) and we can’t move in till the repair, mold and rot are cleaned up and all refurbished. The new place is called the Mountain Farmlet… though by comparison it doesn’t qualify as a ‘farmlet’ I suppose. πŸ˜‰

  5. Wow, landscaping must have been pricy but sometimes it is well worth the cost. Why not just have strangers take the load off your back when you have been struggling with it for years. Great job!

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