As of today you are offically divorced.

I can’t tell you how long I waited to hear those words. According to the court records I waited just 5 days short of 9 months, but I think I was waiting much longer.

I chose not to fight the jerk about anything in the divorce. I walked away from quite a bit because I just wanted to get it over and done with as quickly as possible. That took 9 months, so I can’t imagine how long it would have taken if I decided to take it to court! I went after what was important and that was my kids, my home, and my freedom. Yeah, I could have fought over money that he owed me, for spousal support, or the better vehicle. But those things weren’t important to me then. They aren’t important to me now.

I just wanted the whole thing to be behind me and finally with just a few words it was.

I don’t talk to him anymore. Only have maybe 2 times this year, over minor issues that couldn’t be avoided. I mean, we have kids together, so it is unavoidable that we will need to speak at sometime or another through out the years, but it will only happen when it can’t be avoided.

Did I feel sad about the divorce? Nope.

Did I think about the good times? Nope.

Did I feel frustrated because it was taking so long? Yes.

I thought it would be harder, when all of that started, but I can’t tell you how easy it was to just walk away. That’s what’s sad to me. That at the end of 13 years, I really didn’t have anything to miss or want to hold on to.

And this post closes (once and for all) that chapter in my life.


32 thoughts on “As of today you are offically divorced.

  1. Boy can I relate to this post!!! I was sooooooo happy to finally hear those words “you are officially divorced”……I couldn’t stand to write that last name one more time!! Congrats to you!!

      1. 🙂 Not too much really. I’ve recently turned a bit of a corner myself. I took a lot of the miserable posts down and carried on with the happier things…lol My photo blog is going well though. Happy there. I’m spending more time doing the things I love. 🙂

        It’s great to see you too…especially smiling, happy and free. xo

        1. Good for you! I am debating about removing the old posts, I think I will just make them a little tricky to access because I am the kind of girl who would regret if I delete lol I’m heading over to your spot now! Is the photo blog a different link? If it is be sure to post it, in the meantime I’ll see if it’s the address I have, cheers!

  2. Congratulation, finally. We have been waiting for a long time to hear that news. If I had given my opinion when you two first met you would have ignored it, so…. We are happy and sad at the same time. Hope that your family enjoys the rest of your life. (I’m sure that it has turned for the better.)

    1. Hip-hip hurray!! I was going to call you both to tell you the news, but El’s been a bit of a crier today! And you are right, I probably would not have listened, though that makes me wonder about Mom saying don’t move to Texas.. I love you! And I think that you know we are all very, very happy 🙂

  3. (new follower here..) Congrats on your divorce! I know just how you feel. I walked away from everything to leave a 17 year relationship. Best move I ever made in my life. 🙂

  4. Divorce was the best thing to ever happen to me. I lost a lot but, I gained (as you point out) the most valuable gift…Freedom!!!! and of course I was so happy to have my maiden name back, You know what? New beginnings are the BEST! Peace, Love, strength and joy being sent your way!

    1. Yes, FREEDOM! It is such a great trade off, isn’t it! New beginnings, as I am finding out, are the best! Scary at first when you are unsure, but once they’ve started they can be the best feeling in the world! It’s nice to meet you, I look forward to learning more about you 🙂

      1. Its been 5 years away from the Ex husband & I have still not financially recovered but its all good. Life is really what we make of it. I also vowed vehemently I would never marry again, but last year I did. Who knows what a fresh start can bring and you have your son to make it even more glorious!!! :).

    1. I feel it already! It’s so great to see you again! I hope you are doing very well and so glad you are still at it! I’ll be checking out what you’ve been writing! 🙂

  5. Ginger, I haven’t seen or heard from you in what, a year? And then you show up on a post I wrote today. I follow you back here, and WOW, such happy news! Congratulations!

  6. It was a bright spot in my day to read your post! Congratulations! May the journey ahead be filled with God’s love and light. ~DJ

  7. I didn’t miss anything either and the only thing I really felt was an overwhelming sense of relief that it was final and a bit of sadness that I had wasted 11 years in a marriage that meant so little. Congratulations! May you embrace your new life with full enthusiasm! 🙂

    1. I completely relate to what you felt! I feel so relieved now that it is officially behind me and I’ve never been happier! I hope you are feeling as happy and free as I do now 🙂
      Thanks for your comment and encouragement!

      1. Seriously it just gets better from here on onwards 🙂 I have been divorced for more than 3 years now but honeslty I haven’t even for a single second ever wished to go back to any point in time in the 11 years of marriage that ended.

        This life is GREAT !!! just freaking GREAT!!! Enjoy!!!!

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