Here She Comes Again

Let me tell you something.

It has been a while.

A looong while since I’ve written but I gotta tell you, right now, it just feels right.

How is everyone doing? Is anyone still around? If you are, well, I am proud of you! I can’t say that I’ve been a dedicated blogger; I’ve been downright terrible, it’s been 13 months since I’ve last posted.  Terrible!

I’ve missed writing a ton though, many times I’ve “written” posts in my thoughts but it doesn’t count. And it isn’t the same.

I suppose I just needed a break; a new chapter in my life. I loved writing and sharing all the things I was going through, but I was just too close to myself, my blog had me trapped to the badness in a way.

I wanted to start a new blog (and I did actually – more on that in a bit) but I also really love this one. I’m attached and I suppose that’s why I kept it up and running, even though nothing new was written.

Anyway- I went back and forth. And forth and back. And the same thoughts kept entering my mind. Just start writing again. Just keep going where you left off.

So then now here I am, and I am great! All of the yucky stuff worked its way out, my life is going really well. The kids are great, and guess what? I’ve had another baby 🙂

My post before this touched on a relationship I was in and well, it blossomed and grew, and we are in love love love and I honestly have never been happier.

It feels so good to say that!

It feels even better to mean it!

So I’ve been itching to write and now here I am. I am back and will be posting again regularly about who knows what. Life I suppose. Mommying. Housemading. Best Girlfriend-in-the-worlding. Cooking. Who knows, but it is sure to be a hoot!

And if you want to see the other blog I’ve been working on, which happens to be about my littlest little babe, you can find it at

I really hope everyone is doing great and won’t think me too crazy for just randomly reappearing, but I’ve missed this terribly and just couldn’t stay away any longer.




11 thoughts on “Here She Comes Again

  1. Oh my goodness! I was so happpy to find your blog note in my email….I can’t tell you how often I’ve thought about you and your kids and wondered how you were all doing! I am so pleased to hear that my worries were all for naught, and that you are truly fine and well. And congrats on your newish relationship and your new wee one! Exciting news, for sure.

    Okay, now that you’re back, please don’t disappear like that again without telling us how you are–my old(ish) heart just can’t take the strain of uncertainty.

    Looking forward to reading your stuff again and will also follow your new blog. Congrats again and take care–know that you were never far from my thoughts–which is weird, I know, considering that we don’t really know each other in person but somehow that didn’t matter–I felt a connection to you….

    Oh–how are the house renovations coming along, or did you move?


    1. I am so sorry that you worried, I never intended that at all. I always thought I’d come back to it, I guess it just took a lot longer than I should have. I am so glad you are still here, I’ve missed you and everyone so much 🙂 A year flew by but it is so great to see familiar faces again!

      I hope you are doing and have been doing well, I can’t wait to get caught up with you, Sylvia!

      We’ve done quite a bit to the house and we are actually planning a HUGE move but not for a few years, until the big kids finish school. I’ll have to write about some of the things we’ve done.. Believe me, there have been more than a few disasters 😉

      Yay! I’m so glad to see you and really look forward to writing and reading again!!

      Cheers is right!!

  2. Oh my amazing to see you back firstly!! So many times I’ve checked your blog to see if I missed your return!! So it is great to see you return!! & wow congratulations! I hope you & baby & new man are all happy & healthy & well!! Xxxxxx (ps. I changed my blog link too…)

    1. Thank you! It’s been a while, but it feels good to be back and see familiar gravatars lol! It’s great to see you are still writing! I’m heading over now 🙂

  3. What a great birthday present to me on the day you posted this… too bad I’m just seeing it now. So happy to have you back writing and again. And the fact that you are happy!! YAY! I am so very thrilled for you and cannot wait to hear all about your life these days. Love and peace to you, dear, old, blogging friend. xx

    1. You are so sweet! It’s great to be back, everyone still seems to be here and it really makes me happy to re-connect! I am looking forward to getting caught up with you! I am glad you had a happy birthday! Hugs!!

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