Photo a Day<<April<< One: Your Reflection

This is my reflection in our back door window.

The photo was taken with a Canon Rebel xs and cropped.


11 thoughts on “Photo a Day<<April<< One: Your Reflection

  1. I think you will rock this photo a day challenge……I like the reflection in the back door window idea…..i wonder what else would work….water, someone else’s eyes reflecting you, old wavy antique glass/mirror, shiny surfaces…foil, car metal etc….your children……?

    1. I thought of my kids but they weren’t here at the time. I see other ways on the list I can include them though! Are you going to do the challenge? I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!

  2. Good shot. I hope that you don’t just do reflections.
    I was told long ago that it hard to tell a story in just five pictures. Are you going to be telling a story in a month’s worth? Maybe 4 weekly stories? Maybe just different shots
    that tell a story per shot. Whatever, I think its a great idea.

    1. Thanks Dad! I am just going to take snaps of my life that I enjoy. I like that window and catch my reflection in it all of the time, so I thought it was good. Why don’t you do the challenge, too? I think it will give me a chance to look at life differently, and that is enjoyable in itself!

      1. Ginger, it is spring! Take a walk outside, LOL! Do you have an arboretum, or a really cool estate that you could visit? They always have beautiful plantings, etc. Church windows are always good, try for natural lighting and bring a tripod or a beanbag along to rest your camera on to avoid the shakes with the long exposure… ~L

        1. I’ll get outside soon, don’t worry! It was pretty cold here today and I was catching up on laundry so I didn’t venture out, but I will! 🙂

    1. Hi, the reason we hide behind a camera and/or we don’t like photographs of ourselves its because the majority of our life we see reflections, we see the opposite of ourselves. A photograph is the true image, how people see us, hence the camera never lies. 🙂 Pete

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