Daylight Savings and the PSSA’s

Good morning! I hope waking up and getting out of the house on time wasn’t too difficult because of the time change! Did you run into any problems?

Things ran shockingly smooth here in our home. I credit this to being proactive last night. Knowing it was going to be a challenge getting the sleepy heads out of bed on time, I made sure they took their showers last night and got to bed early. I also prepared my mind for chaos and knew that I would need to stay calm. It seemed to work! No drama! No missed buses! Can I get a high-five?

This week all the students here in Pennsylvania are taking the PSSA‘s. You know, the state-wide testing that determines how well the kids are learning the materials they have been taught.

What fun! {crickets chirping}

I will say that my kids don’t dread these intense and dreadfully boring tests the way that I used to, and if I didn’t know any better, I’d even guess they enjoy a week of being told to relax after school and not do any homework.

It does puzzle me as to why the state schedules these heavily weighted tests during the first week of the spring forward! daylight savings time change. This seems an unfair disadvantage;  Waking up a whole hour earlier than their bodies are used to only to sit in dead silence and try to successfully focus on a bazillion questions for hours.

Kinda wacky planning if you ask me. I questioned one of their teachers last year why they scheduled it like this and her reply to me was “Oh, that explains it! It is strange they schedule the testing this week.” Hello? Really woman? You didn’t think about this independently, not even once during the week? Hmm.

Anyhoo, it is what it is and that’s all that there is, right?

All that I can do as a parent is make sure my babes are fully rested, well fed, and not feeling stressed out.

Last night I successfully manipulated our evening by making dinner early, closing the blinds way before the sun was even close to going down, and then plopped down on the couch with them to watch some movies, all the while acting as if the time change didn’t happen.  This form of trickery worked like a peach and it hopefully will for the next day or two until they adjust.

Do any of you have kids taking statewide tests this week? If so, how do you feel about them being scheduled immediately after the time change?

What techniques are you using to adjust to the time change this week?



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