A Ridiculously Oversized Tree

Tree Hugger!


10 thoughts on “A Ridiculously Oversized Tree

  1. I love the tree! it looks like a happy, joyous tree like the ones my brother would cut down himself on the farm and drag into the farmhouse knocking everything over as he did so…one of my truly favourite memories,,,snow and birdnests were also included ( i feel a children’s story coming on about this)….for years i put up my own natural tree but gave it up one year as it was a struggle to get it into the stand and I would be covered with a rash from working on the tree…some kind of allergy….this year my tree is a wee one that I used in my Kindergarten classroom but still quite nice…I wanted a real wreath, just the greenery and no decorations but didn’t get one…next year I will. All the best, blessings. Liz

  2. This is great! We didn’t do much decorating as you know, but if we had we might have done a big tree. Well, I have all year to plan for it, and only one DIY home improvement left to finish, now don’t I? Can’t wait for Christmas to come round again… because I plan to be ready for it!

  3. wow! You are living large!! And why not be crazy over the top! I bought a real tree for the first time – teeny tiny cuz I’m allergic to pine but wanted to stop the kids from complaining I never bought them a REAL tree!! Happy Holidays Ginger, my best to you and your family!!

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