Another Step Closer

I worked on two projects last weekend; they were rather small projects but ones that are delivering big results in way of usefullness.

First up… Organize my dressers junk drawer:

Organize a drawer?? How can that be concidered a project? Well, have a look at what I removed from a very small drawer and you will see exactly how this can be a project…

I have no shame..

 This drawer hasn’t been cleaned out in a long time.

Three or four years long, but hey, I admit my flaws!

Okay, maybe not EVERY. SINGLE. THING. was in there, but you get the idea… Waaaay too much stuff for one little drawer. Nothing like a jam packed drawer filled with so much that you can’t open it, let alone find what you are looking for to create uneccasary aggravation, right?!

I was completely overwhelmed by the clutter that was on top of my dresser after I emptied the drawer that I honestly wanted to just shove it all back in there and be done with it.

Instead, I bravely took my time and delt with it properly. It seriously took a bunch of little splurts over 3 days (so I wouldn’t have an anxiety attack) to sort everything, fill up a small trash can, untangle 3,000 necklaces and organize it all.

Perhaps something so trival stressing me out is strange, but it’s true.

Luckily, I had extra drawer space since getting rid of Huz’s crap belongings to put all of my things neatly into. 🙂

Here is what all of the keepable stuff looks like now that is neatly tucked away among three drawers…

Jewery drawer.. Still need a better solution but it works for now

Make Up Drawer... Every girl should have one!

Sewing kit & Sunglasses... No sence here but it's not clutter :)

That bottom drawer is empty! Yee haw! Now I need to go buy stuff to put in it! Just Kidding!

Oooh! Did you notice that empty drawer up there?! FANCY! I haven’t decided what to do with yet, but that’s just fine by me 🙂

Naturally, I am still not satisfied and now want to put pretty scented liner in the drawers. Also, Ikea has affordable drawer organizers I’d like to get but I also want to buy shelves for another project and don’t have the funds so I am staying away from there for a while  to make the drawers even better. For now though, since it’s organized, I am satisfied and crossing it off of the list!

Moving on to the bigger, much less time consuming and stress inducing project…  Lamps for my dresser:

When I put my list together, almost a year ago, I had writen on it that I wanted to buy lamps for my dresser. I know a lot of women have a ton of lamps in their home and I always wanted to be that kind of girl, but lamps (along with curtains) have always intimidated me.

First of all, they are expensive. Like, they can be really expensive and with the way I change my mind about what I think works in a room I could never justify shelling out a ton of cash that I don’t have for something that I might not feel happy with. I also have issues commiting to something staying in one spot for a hundred years. Add to that the fact that anything breakable in this home will eventually be broken (Murphy’s Law… aka Isaac) I really didn’t want to couldn’t spend a lot of dough.

My bedroom, in the meantime, has been screaming at me desperately for better lighting. Like each of the other rooms in our home there is a ceiling light fan (I know HGTV is against these with fury but this is real life here.) I love my ceiling fans, they make life easy, simply flipping up a switch and being able to see instead of stumbling around and potentially breaking an ankle  finding a lamp to turn on is a great thing! Also, air circulation and a lovely relaxing breeze while you are sleeping are wonderful things.

While overhead lighting is always a good thing in general, when it comes to reading, mood lighting, and say.. applying makeup, ceiling lights just aren’t bright enough.

So into the world of lamps I reluctantly dove, but not without first making things a wee bit difficult. How can one turn buying lamps into a complication? With stipulations. Of course!

I have a fairly large dresser and could eaisly put two lamps on it, but I really don’t care much for clutter and two big lamps would make the dresser feel crowded plus they’d hog up the mirror and I wasn’t too interested in doing that. This brought me to check out wall scones (I believe that’s what they are called)  but because of my fear of commitment and the firewall that my dresser is up against there was no way to install hardwired lamps.

Lamps would totally clog this dresser up...

I happily discovered that they make plug in lamps for the walls and they can look nice, so my search began. Unfortunatly, the selection isn’t all that big for such. Pottery Barn certainly has a beautiful selection of these lamps but they come with a hefty price tag.

I almost splurged a few times but in the end decided that paying my electric, gas, water and cable bill for the month was the more mature gosh, I hate being an adult descision.

So, for affordable lamps I searched. And searched.

While on my most recent trip to Home Depot I finally lucked out and found the perfect plug in wall lamp sconey things for my budget. They matched my new celing fan and switch plates that I had installed two months ago and they were affordable so I scooped up a pair. I even felt confident enough with my “savings” that I bought an area rug for my room and a runner for the hallway and still spend less than if I had splurged on the Pottery Barn lamps!

Hanging the lamps up weren’t all that difficult. I used my Better Homes and Gardens “New Decorating Book” to determine the placement of the lamps and measured and marked the walls with a tape measurer and a level with confidence.  In the spirit of how my projects go, of course, getting the fasteners in the wall turned a bit disasterous for a few moments but in the end the lamps are even (and I think secure) on either side of my dressers mirror.

Finished projects

Let there be light! It’s so great to be able to put on makeup without traveling from mirror to mirror in search of good light! Yippee! I think they look pretty nice and for the price of $50 each I love them!

My room is still far from being finished but that’s okay, it will get there and it gives me things to look forward to! 



13 thoughts on “Another Step Closer

  1. Don’t you love that warm glow of accomplishment? Don’t you feel proud? (I always do!) Watch out, doing it yourself can become an addiction! 😉
    ~ Lynda

    PS: Just wait til you see my quilt room. It’s taking longer than I anticipated, but I am so happy with each step I complete!

    1. I do love that feeling and have missed out on it for quite a while 🙂 I can’t wait to see your quilt room! Projects always turn into a much longer process than anticipated, wouldn’t you agree? It makes the end results much more appreciated!

  2. Ginger, you did a great job with those drawers…wish you lived near me so you could tidy mine up for me…I really need to get at them but never have the ambition to tackle them…so I just stuff more things into them…one day they will likely explode! Looking forward to seeing and reading about your next project…

  3. The sconces look great! Good job! I have ceiling fans in every room, too, and I also refuse to get rid of them even though HGTV is firmly against them. Like you said, this is real life. 🙂

  4. You did a great job Ginger. I enjoy decluttering and organizing things. However, I’m a bonafide packrat and so is my guy. I moved into my parent’s home after my Mom passed away and I still have many things of hers.

    My sister is supposed to come over in the spring to help me organize, and declutter. Then we are having a yard sale.

    Gentle Hugs and Merry Christmas!

    1. Karen, as a child was certainly a packrat, now I have the throw everything away syndrome, which is good for the most part but sometimes I find myself upset when I want something that I threw away because it was thought to be no longer of use. For instance, just this week I wanted a red down blanket that I apparently got rid of as well as a Christmas cookie jar.
      Almost everything in my house is de littered except for some random drawers and my junk room in the basement. That is a huge project that I will be taking on next year.
      Just remember to do baby steps so you don’t become overwhelmed and if you are doing large jobs either work in “layers” or start in a small area and go from there! Good luck and I think it’s really great that you will have help and then a yard sale, both seem like excellent ideas!

  5. Congratulations on better lighting! I bought one small lamp from Ikea, which i use as a night stand lamp, but that is about it. Never felt like spending a ton of money on lamps either. You’re new ones look nice next to your dresser. I just go to our bathroom if I really have to apply make-up when it is dark outside.
    Two great projects which made you feel better, what an accomplishment that is!

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