Well, Hello, Lovies! Yeah, I Called You Lovies!

Sheesh! I have not written in a pretty.long.time.

It’s not because I haven’t been busy, no, no, quite the contrary…

I have so many projects on my list that I am pulling together you’d probably get vertigo just walking through the front door of my house.

But truth be told… I haven’t even gotten one completed, yet. They are, however, all started, in the middle of or almost done!

Here is a little run down of what I’ve been working on and hopefully finishing by month’s end, try not to get dizzy…

    • New carpet in the basement
    • Tiling the fireplace surround
    • Painting fireplace
    • Fixing Isaac’s closet (which is now MY closet)
    • Organizing out of season clothing
    • Organizing gift wrap (craft station, anyone)
    • Re-doing my bedroom (completely! yay! I deserve it)
    • Re-doing Isaacs new bedroom (I had to wheel and deal here)
    • Creating a rec room in the basement (that might take til December, but it’s semi-started)
    • Cable for all rooms
    • Remote for cable box
    • Re-hang stuff in downstairs bathrooms
    • Decorate for fall

Yikes… As you can probably guess my house is completely upside down. COMPLETELY.

I still have two refrigerators because I have no one to remove the old one yet. My new family room was is PACKEDย with my bedroom furniture because (if you follow me on Facebook you already know) I’ve had the upstairs floors re-finished!


I am replacing that with something on my list, maybe seeing fireworks, because looking at those beautiful shiny floors is way better than fireworks! Plus, it was a shit load of work and money so it deserves some recognition! In fact, I am crossing off fireworks because of all of the chaos we’ve endured to do it and I secretly hate the 180 picture I picked that’s been up there for way too long.

I am almost at the half way point in my 365 list.

I gotta tell ya, I never thought that after the year I have had I’d get ever get that many things crossed off. I can’t wait to scratch it off my list and keep doing my best to reach the 3/4 mark.

It’ll take a miracle, but I’m still gonna try!

So, just to prove to you lovies (there’s that word, again!) that I have actually been working and not putzing around like a zombie, here are a few million insane pictures of what my home has gone through in the past three weeks. Prettier and happier pictures to come soon! Happy Tuesday everyone, it’s a beautiful life!

ps… it’s a true miracle I haven’t gone postal, as you can see above.


19 thoughts on “Well, Hello, Lovies! Yeah, I Called You Lovies!

  1. DARN!!! What hard work you did there!!!
    Pictures look amazing and I am still thrown against the wall at what you’ve accomplished, lately!
    This defintely deserves a few “crossing offs” on your list!

    1. Oh Rufus, thank you for the chuckle, nay, belly laughing here! I love your sense of humor! ~ Lynda

      PS: Ginger, I think he may have something here… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Ginger I totally recognize the action in your photos. When we remodeled in California our home looked like that for almost a YEAR! As you know, we are now working on painting and fixing here in Alabama to be ready for company who arrive on FRIDAY! I am going to need a month to recuperate from this flurry of activity, but I am nearing the end!

    All that to say, I feel your pain and your exhilaration!

    1. I’d go insane! I am practically clawing at the walls. I need two pieces of furniture moved and it’s killing me. I even tried to bribe two strangers yeasterday with 30 dollars. it didn’t work. grr.

      It’s going to feel so good when you are laying on your floor after collapsing from utter exhaustion, just admiring all of the hard work and beautiful changes! You’ll see, I laid on my floors last night and started at the ceiling with a huge (somewhat scary) smile on my face. lol, I can’t wait til we are both done! Yay us!

    1. I know, I can’t believe it. Of course the point was to get them all done, but this has been one hell of a year and half way is aye okay with me ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the encouragement, you are awesome!

    1. I cannot wait to take some pictures ๐Ÿ™‚ I got my furniture moved into my room today and I’m gonna do a wee bit of shopping in the am ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully the lighting will be good!

  3. WOW! can I say that again wow!
    hats off to you Ginger! you are doing an amazing job
    I got dizzy just looking at the pictures but when you put the before and after pictures you should be PROUD of yourself!
    I know I am proud of you

  4. After pictures should be up tomorrow, at least of the floors, fingers crossed it won’t be dark and gloomy! Thanks for being proud of me, it feels wonderful!

  5. Yikes, that’s quite the list Ginger! I know it seems daunting right now, but I know you’ll get it all done. Just takes some time…well, and patience. That’s the hard part for me, ha!

    1. I learned a bit about patience a few years back, it also helps to have stuff everywhere. Clutter will light a fire under anyones behind! It’s really not all that much stuff, the most challanging thing will be tiling the fp, I need some wood trim cut and I have no idea how I will do it! I’ll figure it out though because the tile is be-au-ti-ful and will only look better when it’s finally up!

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