Getting Lost, Getting Screamed At, Getting the Goods

I am not a newbie at getting lost, in fact, I consider myself the professional. Before I finally broke down and bought myself a GPS, I somehow found myself on back roads leading to nowhere almost weekly. I sure have found a lot of shortcuts.

I am pretty good at finding my way around the burbs now, after being lost so many times, I tend to know where I am because at one time or another I didn’t know where I was. Unfortunately, for the kids and I, last week, we I turned a 20 minute trip to the mall into a 2 hour-long misadventure. Are you wondering why I didn’t use my GPS? Yeah, I tried… It doesn’t recognize roads named “Route 38.”

It was really helpful when it started to rain and after an hour had passed Isaac turned into the devil and started singing some obnoxious song over and over.

We are lost, we can’t find our way. We are lost, Mom won’t ask for directions. We are lost, We are loooooosssssssttt.

Me screaming at him to shut the hell up was pleasant, too. In fact, it was so pleasant that it made him feel like he had to sing it 35 more times at the top of his lungs. I was pissed and just got  lost more.

side note: Hours later, our therapist, for some reason, thought the re-telling of the story was a hoot. Yeah, once his gaze met my look of death he quickly moved on to another topic. I suppose it is kind of funny now that I am looking back on it, but it’s almost a week later and I still only think it’s kind of funny.

Anyway, once we finally found the mall after getting the second set of directions I did some breathing and tried to put the hellish trip behind me.  Natalie shopped without incident, her and I hit up VS and bought fun new under things, Isaac searched around and tried to shop but came back to me furious that the mall didn’t have an Abercrombie store.

Here we go, now he was in a mood, I steered him into Zoomies, which was his favorite store last year but he wasn’t happy, “THAT WAS LAST YEAR!” Finally, after Natalie found what she liked and we paid, he decided he would try on some jeans but then resorted to cursing me out when I told him to pull his pants up over his butt and they would fit him better.

Don’t you know, the cool kids wear their pants to show off their boxers?

I was embarrassed and livid, so I just left him there and refused to speak to him for some time. Natalie and I wandered into Lush and I got my red lip stain as Isaac worked out his issues in the common area. While we were leaving we stopped at Auntie Ann’s and got some pretzels. I shouldn’t have gotten the boy one, because of the stunt he pulled, but I did. No worries, karma got the best of him and he dropped his pretzel on the ground. He was furious again and stormed off. Natalie picked up his mess and I just ignored him again while getting my coffee. Ignoring him seemed to work because he snapped out of his bratty mood and didn’t give me a hard time on the way home. Which only took 20 minutes and showed me where I made my error, so I won’t make that mistake again, thank you, very much!

Now for the good that came out of the trip… I love the lip stain! If you haven’t tried LUSH products before you should check them out. There has never been a product of theirs that I was disappointed with and I have tried a lot of them. This lip scrub and stain are my new favorites! They make my lips sooooo smooth and tasty and leave a flushed reddish-pink color on my lips. Natalie loves it too and it’s not at all overwhelming on her, so I share.

 Having kissable lips makes me feel super sexy, too… Whether I have someone to kiss or not! Navel rings and lip stain, ohh la la where did this girl come from? I’m pretty sure I can get into this evolving me.



11 thoughts on “Getting Lost, Getting Screamed At, Getting the Goods

  1. Sorry to admit it Ginger, but you did have me giggling with your telling of Isaac’s antics… reminded me of the time we had my nephew living with us for a year! (same age) Trust me on this, eventually you can laugh about it…

    Glad you decided to ignore him in the end. It was the smartest way to handle it. 😉 ~ Lynda

  2. Awww…mall shopping with the teens…what warm, loving memories that brought back to me..NOT! OMG, do you have my kids?? My son would flip every time my daughter and I would even think about heading into VS! Don’t worry soon they will be driving and going to the mall without you and then you can stress about that!

  3. I’ve heard of Lush before, but this being such a tiny (group of) town(s) I haven’t actually seen it in a store. Most of my favorites I just order online, since I already know I love them and don’t need to try them out. I’ll keep an eye out for the brand, though.

    1. They don’t have many stores at all, I am very lucky to have 2 close by. They do orders online also. I love their products and they are all natural 😀

  4. For me, what Isaac did will probably never be funny. Sounded really annoying. I might have left him on the side of the road 😉 Glad you found some awesome products, made it home safely, and learned the right way to get there.

  5. And I thought I was the only one! I have the worst direction sense…ever. I’ve gotten lost before with mapquest, a handheld gps and gps on my phone. I know, I didn’t think that was possible either. I’ve been living in LA for a while now, so I’m getting much better and don’t rely on gps much, but I still have my moments. Oh, and Lush products are great!

  6. I love Lush! I have yet to find something there that I don’t like. plus you can smell the store from a mile/block away hahaha

    1. I know! I’ve never been dissapointed and I have tried many a things. I love the quality and the whole companys philosophy in general! Yummy smell good stuff!

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