Pottery Barn Bird Doorstopper, I’m Smitten!

When I saw the Pottery Barn Bird Doorstopper online a few weeks ago I instantly fell in love. While I was at the store picking up my curtains I asked the sales woman if they had any in stock, but sadly they did not. In fact, she told me they wouldn’t be getting them in the store and it appeared that they had sold out online.

Sold out?! Noooo!

I was very disapointed but thankfully on a recent trip to the website I saw the Bird Stopper listed again with the added bonus of free shipping.

It was a sign!

I ordered it right away in fear that they would sell out again. Looking back now, I’m not sure if the sales woman was looking in the correct place though, because it is still available.

So Cute!

I am so glad I took a risk and ordered it online (which is something I very rarely do) and within 2 days I had the little sweetie in my home.

The Bird Doorstopper is simply adorable and I am happy to say I am moving on up in the adult world with no need to use a random shoe to keep my front door open!


9 thoughts on “Pottery Barn Bird Doorstopper, I’m Smitten!

  1. I want one!!! Currently, I have “The Bremen Town Musicians” which was a leftover from my classroom days, better than a shoe, but not very grown up I suppose…


    1. Thanks! It does remind me of them also but I did not realize it until you said it. One of my good friends told meI have old fashioned taste. Ha, I suppose he is right.

  2. I think its perfect! It makes me want a Pie Bird…except, I don’t know that I’d actually USE it, it would just make me feel all grown-up and retro and whatnot to have one. Have you seen Alton Brown’s pie bird? …wait…that came out wrong…

    …or did it?…


    Contrats on the new little beauty!

  3. I so remember that feeling of purchasing items that “brought me into the adult world”!! So I really got a chuckle out of that!! I’m still picking up items to replace makeshift things I’ve used for years! Plus the many items I left behind from my previous married life!! She’s truly a cute little birdie!!

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