Mini-Vacation to Dewey, DE and Ocean City, MD

I figured before the summer is over I had better write about this mini-vacation that the kids and I went on, with Huz, a little over a month ago to Dewey, Delaware and Ocean City, Maryland

It was a last-minute trip that was only supposed to be for one night in Dewey Beach, so Huz could support his brother at a food eating contest he was taking part of.

Yup, food eating.

He’s a professional food eater these days and does pretty well. This particular one was for hot wings and he won. I believe he ate 98 wings in like 20 minutes


He won a barrel of money though so I was happy for him.

While Huz was with his brother at the contest the kids and I chilled out on the beach. I read “Tiger Mother” and the kids played in the ocean, buried themselves in the sand and played with the tether ball game near the dunes.

After the day on the beach we went to the Hotel and got washed up. A few hours later we all walked (what was supposed to be 2) 5 blocks to a fancy restaurant.

I wanted to die from the pain so I ordered a shot of tequilla.

It helped. Then I had a few beers.

They helped more.

We all – Huz’s brother, his girlfriend, Huz, the kids and I – ordered tons of super fantastic foods and had a nice time at the fancy restaurant. (Crossing it off the list, Huz was there!) After dinner, we walked back (thank God I drank or I would have had to been carried – Huz even offered) got ice cream at the Dairy Queen then headed back up to the hotel. I grabbed my heating pad and passed out while they stayed up a chatted for some time.

When I woke up a few hours later, Huz was getting up to take the kids deep-sea fishing. I really wanted to go to the outlets in Rehoboth but didn’t have an ounce of energy so I fell back asleep for 2 hours than woke up desperately needing coffee. 

Dewey Beach is beautiful but there are a total lack of coffee shops. I ended up going for a long (2 blocks) walk alone to grab coffee. 

When the kids and Huz got back from fishing we hobbled back to the beach. They played with their boogie boards while I finished up my book and got a tan. We then decided to stay another night and take the kids to the boardwalk in Ocean City the next day. When we were at the boardwalk a big storm came through and my pain put me on my ass. I sat on the benches and did breathing exercises while the kids and Huz played on the bumper carts for hours. Once the weather finally let up and their ride bands ran out we made the decision to stay one more night, this time in Maryland. 

There was no way I’d be able to sit in a car for 3 hours with the stupid pain I was in. 

We then went to our favorite restaurant to eat in Ocean City, Embers, and loaded our plates up with crabs, salad, prime rib and everything else you could want. After eating like pigs a lot of food we drove back to a hotel on the beach and buckled down for the night. The next morning we got up early, showered, did a final pack up and made our way back home.

It was a short vacation but it was a lot of fun for all of us. We all got along well and I’m glad I decided at the last-minute it would be a good idea to go. 

Tension has risen between Huz and I since the trip and I don’t really see us getting back together but that was a very nice trip to have as a family memory, especially if it’s the last. 



16 thoughts on “Mini-Vacation to Dewey, DE and Ocean City, MD

  1. Funny, I just posted about a weekend getaway and then saw this!! Sorry to hear you had to deal with that awful pain, but also happy you had a nice family memory together. I believe there will be many more happy trips in your future. The players may change, but it will happen and you will love it!!

    1. You are the best, thank you for being so positive. I feel sorry for myself about being lonely sometimes, but who knows what the future holds. Regardless if I have a lover at least I know I’ll be happier 🙂

  2. Hey, this is nice! I heard they have gorgeous beaches in Delaware, looks like you’ve been to one of them. Glad you had a decent getaway even though you were still in pain and everything. Also, sorry to hear that you and your ex didn’t get along on parts of it. Still seems like the ideal weekend in July/August!
    I did get grossed out by those 98 chicken wings, I dare say. Hate it when people waste food for such things like a contest.

  3. I’m getting whole new perspective on fibromyalgia from reading your blogs. I have an acquaintence who says she suffers from it and does absolutely nothing but sleep and is drugged 100% of the time. I’ve accompanied her to the doctors and the way she reels off the multitude of drugs she takes along with the dosages just blows me away. I worked with her and was unfamiliar with fibromyalgia so I thought that was normal. However, you’re a fabulous cook, a great mother, active inspite the the pain with a great positive oulook. I sent her your blog URL to read and that didn’t work out very well.

    1. I’m very sorry to hear about your friend. Unfortunately, each person who has this effected by it much differently and there are no set rules as to how each person will feel. She may also be suffering from a few other aliments (which is very common with Fibro) that aren’t effecting me.
      I have some down right terrible days but I really try not to focus on them as I feel like it will “trap” me into having more. I also take quite an assortment of pills, but mine may be different than hers, and in the unlikely chance they are the same, they may not work the same way for her.
      Please don’t discount your friends symptoms and pain, it is very real and not exaggerated at all, I can promise you that. It takes a lot of effort to do the things that I have been doing. I don’t cook everyday, I don’t even eat everyday, though I wish I did. I try to be active, but most of my time is spent resting. My outlook is very positive and I am a fighter so I try to be positive in everyway possible, I hope to inspire fellow fibromites that we can still live a happy life, despite the pain. I hope my plan isn’t backfiring and pissing people off, that is certainly not what I intend.
      Thank you for your kind words it really means a lot to me, encouragement is what has been keeping me going these days, but please know that I only write about what I am accomplishing, not all of the things I can’t do and painfull nights and days. I don’t think it would be interesting to read and everyday it would all sound the same.
      As I’ve read and quoted before “Focus on what you CAN do, not on what you CAN’T” perhaps if you let your friend know that little phrase it might give her a little hope and strength to get through her days.

  4. Looking at your kids sure did bring back memories… why do we grow up? We always had fun laying in the sand, piling it all over ourselves and didn’t care a bit where it got to in our clothing. It was great!
    And then we grew up.
    Glad you had a good time in spite of the flare ups!

  5. Did you do any swimming in the ocean? I discovered how much the saltwater (just being in the water, really) helped when I lived in Savannah and used to have weekly beach outings with my friends on Tybee island.
    Also, I know all about how much a few drinks can help the pain temporarily. The complete avoidance of alcohol for fibro sufferers is the one thing I immediately discounted and always completely ignored. Maybe I shouldn’t, but I think I’m doing fine. When I find that right balance of drinking enough to relax my muscles but not enough to dehydrate myself and get a bad hangover, it’s great.

    1. I wanted to give it a try, salt water does seem to help everything, but the waves were really rough the days we were there. I was afraid more harm than good would come out of it. I will be trying it someday though 🙂
      I also notice a reduction in pain if I have a drink or two, but I really shouldnt because of my meds. I’m hoping to be able to eventually stop with meds and go the supplement route next year. I need them badly though. I’ve been in a constant flare since April, I’m still new to this all, so I’m learning what to cut out of my diet little bits at a time and I do notice a difference. So that’s a positive. I especially like your blog because you touch base on the things I’d like to steer towards 🙂

    1. I hope so too, I am glad I got to do something fun outside of the house this summer 🙂 I think being in the sun was good for me and the salt air. I was in pain and tired still but it was definetly a few of my better days. Nature always helps somehow 🙂

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