New Area Rug for the New Family Room

On my list of 365 Resolutions I had written “new rug for front door” but when I bought one it turned out it wasn’t the right size. I ended up not being happy with it. At all. 

Since I am awful at return things I decided to use it in the kitchen and keep my eye open for something larger.

Then, while in the midst of my reconfiguration project, I decided to scratch that resolution and totally bump it up a notch.

A BIG notch.

I decided what I needed was a new area rug for the family room, not just the door

I found the
perfect 10×13 area rug at Home Depot and it only cost me $147! Yup, you read right! Isn’t that is super impressive for a rug of that size?

Whoot! Whoot! I   cheap thrills!

It just about matches the carpeting I have up the stairs and throughout the upstairs and it’s shaggy, so it’s more relaxed… Perfect for a family room 🙂 

We LOVE relaxing!

Here are a few pictures of what this view looked like over the years and during this super simple big impact project…

In the middle of my project
About 3 years ago

Upgraded computer desk and photos, still looked bad
Today, looking much better, still need 3 frames
Cluttered Mess, Non-Functioning Last Year

Today, room sized rug and a ton of storage in a functioning family room. Whoo-Hoo!

I am so glad that the original rug for the door I had picked up was too small! I may not have thought to buy a new area rug, and who knows, I may not have even attempted to finally tackle this room!

You never know what mishaps might actually lead you to wonderful things 🙂

I think the new rug completely makes the room feel like one whole room, as opposed to a room with two unrelated sections.

The worst part of the old set up was the desk being the first thing you were greeted with upon walking in the door. A messy desk and otherwise barren room was certainly not a warm welcoming into our home.

There are still a few items I am working on to fully wrap this project up and I can’t wait to get them done and share them with you. I hope to overwhelm you with the amount of hidden storage I have created in such an awkwardly constructed and small room. I also have a how-to on a project up my sleeve that you might even want to take on yourself.

I hope you will stay tuned!


17 thoughts on “New Area Rug for the New Family Room

    1. Thanks, Sylvia, I always wonder if people are getting bored hearing about this stuff. It’s helping me get stuff done though, that is for sure! I hope Irene doesn’t treat you too badly today. She wasn’t too terrible to us here, I think you might just get a lot of rain, be safe!

  1. Oh Ginger, just keep posting! You’re inspiring me to keep going on this hovel that I call home. (OK, it’s not that bad, but bad enough to make me want to throw my hands up in the air and say —- it.) Work today was to clean and patch the guest room… there must have been 200 holes and nails in that room’s walls, then I had to paint the freeking closet in there! I HATE PAINTING CLOSETS. And from the look of it, so did everyone else who ever owned this place! sigh…
    (Sorry to fume on your blog space.) 😛

    1. No worries on the fuming, Lynda! You are so sweet, if that is how you fume your Hubbie is a very lucky man 🙂
      I have only painted one closet in my life before, I was bored one morning so I gave it a go. Yeah, it wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be. Tiny spaces are harder than rooms, good for you for getting it done though! I bet you will smile and say to yourself how much better it looks! I am a pro at putting holes in my walls and patching them, if we lived closer I would totally offer to come help you out!

  2. I am not a great painter due ro my arthritis so either my son does it for me or I hire it done. Always a nice lift when it’s done. Your home projects are very nice and will make this year more comforting for you. I just put in a dishwasher as I’ve never had one..enjoying it! Cleaning and repairing the woodshed now…very posh! Good to get some jobs underway and done before winter.

    1. You are so lucky to have a dishwasher, that works! I might replace my broken one before the end of this year, I’m not certain yet though. I read your woodshed project last night, good for you! That sounds like it was a huge accomplishment!

  3. I really like your idea of having 365 resolutions! But what I really love about it is that you make it work for you. 🙂 You’re open to changing up the resolutions so they fit what you need/want. Love it! I may have to “steal” this idea! hehehe

    1. Thanks Amy, I feel like it’s way over my head at this point in the year! I’m just trying to get what I can done, done and it’s my list so I can change it how I see fit, I suppose 🙂

      I believe that next year I will be keeping up with the same type of an idea, but tweeking it a bit better to make it more accomplishable. I’ve lived and learned a lot so this year, lol. If you do the 365 I wish you the best and will definetly be following along 🙂

  4. I’m right there with ya on cheap thrills. Awesome find on the rug! My roommate and I have been scouring cost plus, flea markets, marshalls, etc for cheap (but classy!) artwork for our family room. We’ve yet to find anything yet, but I’m crossing my fingers we find something soon. At least one of us has been successful, ha!

    1. Artwork is so hard! You could also try Michaels craft store or something like that, they usually have great sales on posters and frames, you could get something really niece for a great price, just ask when their sales are. Also if you go on your local craigslist and look under furniture then do a search for “estate sale” you might really luck out 🙂 also check thrift stores/consignment shops. You never know what you might find, good luck 🙂

  5. I just love seeing the before and after pics! I never think to take a picture “before” I make any changes, but now seeing yours, I really wish I had. It gives you more a feeling of ‘wow’!! I’m thinking I need to make a list of 365 things to do for next year!!

    1. I am glad I have most before pictures, I am sometimes embarrassed to show people how bad things were, but it goes to show how a little work and time can make such a difference! If I ever get the bathroom done that will be the biggest accomplishment and embarrassment before pictures! Have fun doing a 365, just don’t put too many expensive items on there, money adds up fast!

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