Eleven Lazy (Drive Your Mama Crazy) Summer Days Left, oh darn.

The babes go back to school in eleven days. That totally sucks for them. It’s kind of good for me.

Kind of? Why aren’t I singing and dancing? Well, I don’t really do either of those things very well and people usually ask me to stop. Also, Isaac is pretty difficult (to put it nicely) so here begins the daily phone calls, emails, charts, conferences, etc. Unless a miracle occurs and he behaves this year.

Yeah. Right.

I bought school supplies today, (before September 1st, thank you very much) you know, for when they decide to do some work this year.

Just kidding.

This year is destined for greatness! I can feel it in my blood! Good things are bubbling in the air, maybe Ms. Irene is dropping lots of good luck rain and blowing happy living wind my way. I think it’s a possibility! 

Be safe everyone!


9 thoughts on “Eleven Lazy (Drive Your Mama Crazy) Summer Days Left, oh darn.

  1. I love school supply shopping and I love having the day to myself.
    I hate getting up early and trying to wrangle the children before noon. Its like they’re Gremlins. “Don’t talk to the children before twelve! You’ll be soooooorryyyyyy….”

    1. I hate getting them up early, too. It’s always a big ordeal. Especially with Nan, she usually gets out of bed and then finds a comfy spot on the floor next to her dresser. Fun times ahead. And as far as school supply shopping… It’s too expensive, the lists they send us get longer every year! Which makes me realize I forgot to pick up tissues and flash drives. Arugh. At least I’m almost done.

    1. Yay! Thanks for saying that. Everthing has changed and I do mean EVERYTHING. For a little while there a few months back Huz and I were trying to mend things, but then a funny thing happened, he stopped being really nice and started acting like the annoying, judgmental him again. I realized I REALLY don’t want to be with him. I love him, and I will forever, but he is just miserable. MY life has been ruined in more ways than him and I am not letting it bring me down. He can be miserable but I am sweeping that cobweb aside. Wow, sorry to blabber all that lol I guess you said the right thing lol
      Cheers to a Great Life Ahead!

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