Get Your Umbrella’s and Nerves Ready, East Coast

I know Hurricane Irene hasn’t even hit the east coast yet but here in Philadelphia it’s been raining all morning long.

It made me realize that I have yet to cross off use an umbrella from my list so when I had to run hobble an errand I figured I might as well get my underused umbrella out and break him in.

I expect to spoil him with attention for the better part of the next four days as I’ve a lot of things necessary to do outside of the house, including my sister’s baby shower this Sunday, if Irene allows. I just hope he will stand up to the 100 mph wind they are calling for which, after realizing how flimsy he is, I somehow doubt.

Please don’t think I am complaining because things could be so much worse.

I know there is a strong possibility that things are going to be so much worse for some of you. So, to all of my east coast friends, and those of you in North Carolina, more specifically, please be very proactive and stay safe.

I will be thinking of and praying for all of you and your families during the mega storm expected to hit the coastline sometime Saturday morning. I really hope that she changes her path and won’t unleash her epic anger in your neighborhoods.

I wish you all the very best in sanity, safety and pray that your homes are left undamaged.


17 thoughts on “Get Your Umbrella’s and Nerves Ready, East Coast

  1. Ginger–be careful in those high winds. I’m on the east coast (Atlantic Ocean) side of Canada and Irene is expected to probably impact us here as well, so we’re watching the weather closely for the next few days. Hope everyone stays safe.

      1. A friend of mine in Central Canada (Toronto, Ontario) felt it in her office–on the 17th floor of a building–said it felt as though a truck hit the building but she knew that was impossible way up there! Scary things happening lately in the weather…a tornado passed through Ontario close to where my daughter is going to university, too…let’s hope for the best from this hurricane.

    1. I’m starting to get very nervous, they are evacuating people in NJ and I’ve invited quite a few people to stay here. We will be effected by it here, no doubt, if the weathermen are right, but I think my location is much safer than a good deal of my family.

  2. I find it incredibly surreal to think of such weather. We are very fortunate in the uk [tough wood] that we are rarely affected by anything like this… Keep you brolly up!

    1. All the more reason for me to move there 🙂 it’s been wicked for us these past few years, every where in the US has been effected by these natural disasters, it’s sad and scary.

  3. Here in Florida, we thankfully passed Irene with just bands of rain here and there. I do pray for all on the East Coast to make it through safely. I’m jealous over your polka dot umbrella and looking at my plain old black one, I’m thinking I need to get me a fun umbrella to make these rainy days less gloomy!!

    1. I’m so glad you are okay, I was thinking of you last night and was getting worried. The storm seems to have down graded a bit, hopefully she will stay that way. I have a friend right on the N Carolina coastline, but he said he is in a big hotel and not to worry. Of course, I still do. He made me smile tho when he quoted Bob Marley “Every little things gonna be alright” I sure hope so. Again, I’m glad you are safe.

  4. Did you feel the earth quake? I did not but a fair amount people imagine they did. Don’t know what to say to that.
    I wouldn’t be too worried if I were you, Ginger. I used to live in Florida for a while – by the time they call it a hurricane over there and start shutting down the schools and roads is when they already make a big evacuation fuzz over here up north. I don’t think it’ll be much to worry about, frankly.
    I do think it’s kinda amazing to go through, this, though, as we don’t have this stuff in Germany, either. So exotic!

    1. Yes, I sure did! My neighbor didn’t feel it though, she looked at me like I was nuts when I asked if she felt it before I found out what had happened. It was exciting, and I am so glad that there weren’t many people killed. It’s a shame there had to be any. I do think though, if they didn’t make a big fuss about it all it would have led to more deaths. We even had tornados near us. That was scarier because it caught me off guard. I stayed up all night to make sure there weren’t anymore warnings in case we all had to move back down to the basement. I look forward to getting some fear free sleep tonight 🙂 I hope you are fine there and look forward to hearing all about it!

    1. It was safe and sound inside. Outside was scary, but it didn’t get as bad as it could have. Withing 5 minutes of us losing our power tornado warnings in our area started. Hurricanes and Tornados at the same time, all with no electric. It was scary, me and the kids trying to grab supplies and the cats and their supplies and hurry into the basement with only 2 flashlights and being shocked. We pulled it together though and were a great team at survivng a could be catastropy. This event is something we will look back and laugh about forever I think.

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