Storage Solutions: Use What You Have to Get What You Want

Months ago when I packed up Huz’s clothes and took over his drawers, I also took the time to dedicate two drawers just for my extra bedding. Up until that point, I was storing extra linens in under bed storage containers, that were not only small and unable to hold a lot, but the dang things were a pain in the ass to pull out as they would always get stuck on my low to the ground bed frame. 

I thought about getting risers for the frame, but as my cousin pointed out, they sell them in packs of 4 and my bed, like hers, would need 5. I didn’t want to buy 2 packs of them because what the heck would I do with the other three. Not to mention they are kind of ugly. With me not having a real bedskirt, they would pose as a total eyesore, plus I am a bit of a clutz and no doubt I’d break a few toes in a matter of months.

So, I had the kids yank, push and pull the stupid, stuck under the bed plastic containers out and I sorted and purged all of the sheets.

I am not sure how many sets of sheets for each room are too many but I do know I had them. I decided it would be a safe bet to keep four sets per bed.

Is four too many?

Well, if they were all the same type, probably.

Mine aren’t though, I have cotton sets for the spring/summer and flannel sets for the fall/summer. Makes sense right? I actually think 2 per season is a brilliant number, that way if I don’t finish washing the set I took off all in the same day there is no panic. I just take one set off, put the new set on and have a week to get the dirty ones cleaned.

The drawers, of course, wouldn’t fit all 9 sets of clean sheets (mine and the kids) so I still was left with a problem. It was an easy solution really, once I figured it out. I used my highest drawer for my winter sets and the one below for the back ups of our summer sheets. Then we used the underbed storage containers for their winter sheets and slid them under Natalie’s bed, which has a much higher frame. When it gets cold enough I will just rotate the order 🙂

Simple and easy, no more fighting with my bed every week and they are still out if sight which equals less stress for me!

Of course, I lost two drawers that could be used for out of season clothing, but I did gain a ton of drawer/closet space when I removed Huz’s things, so I figured it was the most practical solution. I haven’t quite perfected my out of season clothing storage yet, (everything is actually, shoved, jammed and overflowing 3 drawers now) but when I start to pull out the cooler weather stuff I am confident that I will figure out the perfect solution then.

Do you have problems with storing things in your home or are you lucky enough to have a linen closet? If you are short on space and have to get creative with storage solutions I’d love to hear what you’ve done!




11 thoughts on “Storage Solutions: Use What You Have to Get What You Want

  1. Having lived in California all my life I never had a winter or summer wardrobe. It was all good year round with slacks and sweaters (rarely a coat) for winter. Now here we have SNOW and ICE in the winter!!! So, I have two wardrobes. I pack all my alternate season clothing into a large storage bin. Like the ones they sell that are green with red lids for Christmas storage, or in my case all green for garage storage. I pack it all in, and then store it in the top of an unused closet, one of the unused other bedrooms in our home. Our master bedroom closets are ridiculously tiny! Hanging items shift to the left or right just to fit behind the door. and they are only 3 and 1/2 ft. wide. (Are we KIDDING??? no.) Well at least there are two of them. ;P

    1. I’d love to live in a place where the weather is what it is! Like you I have been doing the storage bins for years, in fact, for as long as I can remember, but it is a huge pain in the you know what! Especially with Fibro now, I need to be able to access things without climbing into the attic and lugging around big heavy bins. I also hate that everything becomes wrinkled and smells like plastic or whatever that smell is that the clothes take on. You are very lucky to have extra closets, I would certainly use them up! My closet is very tiny also, you probably read the post where I re-did it. I’m happy to say it still looks the same and works so easily. Maybe you could set yours up similarly?

  2. I am not the best person when it comes to organization. I have things stashed away all over the house in pretty random places. It usually takes a good chunk of time trying to figure out where things are once I need them. Definitely not a good system.

    1. It doesn’t sound like a very good system, in fact, I know it is not because that used to be my system. Locating things by memory is not ideal and can be quite stressful. It just takes time to come up with a system that will work for you. If you read the reply I wrote to Sparky, you will see I am working on a month long wardrobe organization project that will get under way in October. I think it will be a big help and maybe you will enjoy it 🙂

  3. Great post!! I have NO system whatsoever for clothes, which reminds me (again) that I really should figure something out to organize the mess that ate my closet. I also can sympathize with the lack of a linen closet…some people just don’t realize how lucky they are to have that simply little extra closet!! I do, however, have something that works for me…

    I put a tall dresser in the bathroom. The top of it has a couple of baskets that hold hair accessories and other bathroom odds and ends. The top drawer has a few pairs of undies and comfy clothes for quick changing after a bath or shower. The next two drawers hold towels and washcloths, and the bottom three contain sheets and pillowcases.

    Not conventional, and I am not sure I’ve ever seen another dresser living in a bathroom, but it works!! 🙂

    1. I think the dresser in the bathroom is a fantastic idea! If I had the space to fit one in there I would totally borrow your genius! I’m just getting started working on a wardrobe series that will featured the whole month of October, I hope it will be a big help to anyone and everyone who feels overwhelmed when they look in their closets or declare “I have nothing to wear!” I know that is still a little while away, but I think it will come just in time for the fall/winter season and make people feel great about their wardrobe, from storage issues to creating great outfits and everything in between. I hope it is a success, I’m really excited about it!

  4. I live in a flat, or apartment whatever you want to call it. Storage is not a luxury!
    The spare room bed underneath is full, as is the store cupboard in the hall – full with washing machine, camp gear, duvets, spare pillows, xmas stuff… I’ve just been trying to find something in it! NOT FUN!!! I’m covered in dust and realised the thing I was trying to find is in fact not there… ugh.

    1. I have been there, hence the quest to purge and organize everything. I have an attic and basement to store items in but have not yet set up a system in either place. It’s hard to come up with a working plan, but once you figure out one or two you get the confidence to move onto bigger problem areas. I’ll be talking about some tricks I’ve been working on later this year, maybe you’ll find some ideas you can use 🙂 Of course, if you find ideas, please share them with me, too!! 🙂

  5. Great post, bad memories for me . . . moving from a large (ish) house to a small apartment forced me to be brutal about how much was needed to get through a life.

    Sensible decision on those bed risers btw!

    1. Hi Patti, thanks for commenting. I agree small spaces do tend to be extremely tricky. It sounds like you may have done a lot of purging before you moved? I love to get rid of things because it’s less to worry about when finding places to put things! I do wish they sold the risers in packs of 5, I’m sure a lot of people have 5 posts on their frames, right? Again, thanks for commenting and its nice to meet you 🙂

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