Eyes are the Windows to the Soul as Windows are the Sole Pain to My Ass

Can you figure out what this post is about? I had mentioned before my struggle with window treatments and how I am an absolute terror when it comes to selecting the right kinds of curtains.

Take my front picture window for instance; Let’s have a look back through the years, shall we?

The very first curtains I put up on the window were actually 8 panels all together. On one window.

On a double rod, I had hanging 4 sheer panels and 4 panels of some other type of see-throughish material. Despite that there were four sets of curtains on the front window, at night-time, if my inside lights were on and you walked by my home, you could see everything as if it were day time and I had nothing on the windows. Where my mind was when I purchased these atrocities, I have no idea. I really selected them thinking it would work out well.

This was the worst case of curtainage in the history of man kind.

After they were hung up did I think these looked good, or even okay? Absolutely not. Did I have any idea what to do to fix the problem? Well, sort of. I obviously should have returned everything immediately but I am not good with that stuff. Plus, I had no idea what to do with such a big window. I’d rather suffer with the ugly than return them and start from scratch.

The ridiculous curtains sat on that window for 6 years a little while and I did my best to ignore them. I deeply hated them but Huz was a control freak about money and swapping them out for another epic fail that I wouldn’t return plus trying to figure out what would work wasn’t an option I was going to exersize.

Next fail:

Now, these curtains I actually got for free. But let me clarify something to everyone, now, here is a little tip from me to you:

Just because something is free, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good.

Sure, these free curtains might work well in other places such as in a pimps house, or perhaps on a bridesmaid, maybe even in a gaudy hotel or a garbage can; they just didn’t work well in my home.  The free curtains did have one thing going for them though, they weren’t see through so I kept them up instead of putting back up the failure #1’s. Nevermind that they reflected an enormous amount of light and could be quite blinding to look at directly, no one walking their dog could see what were doing inside anymore. So, again, the ugly curtains hung on my window, not looking a bit good, for almost 2 years.

This now leads me to Failure #3, which I have no photo for, but be thankful and just use your imagination here.

I thought, yes, I really thought, it might be a good idea to get a long tension rod and just hang up plain canvas curtains that would fit the window just so, there was absolutely no fabric  touching the frame at all. I think this may have been an even worse idea than my first and second failures and ended up removing the window covering entirely. At that point I decided that I had enough with the window curtain drama and was completely done with ugly. I put those curtains up in my bedroom (they worked pretty good actually) then disgustedly threw stuck the tension rod in a closet somewhere. I left the picture window blank and made faces at it every chance I had.

Then something happened… I became obsessed.

Why was this so damn difficult for me? I am a smart girl, I know a thing or two about style. Why was succeeding at hanging up some good-looking curtains so illusive? I re-read all of my books, articles, tips, webpages and basically just stared at that stupid blank window for days. I thought and thought, then searched and searched, and measured and measured and finally measured and searched some more. When I figured out my plan of what I thought was the best solution to my problem I then doubted myself. First of all, obviously I am not good at windows and second, the solution I came up with was going to cost a small fortune.

Then I finally did it, I got my confidence and I made up my mind. I knew that I had the right idea. I knew I found the perfect solution and with my chin high, I bought everything I needed to turn my nightmare into a dream. I held my breath and crossed my fingers as they went up, saying out loud, “these are the ones.” Once they were in place, I just stood there and stared. To this day I can not help but smile when I look at what is now, after 7 years, beautifully gracing my window.

I am so glad to cross this resolution off of my list, it has by far, been the biggest pain in the ass challenge.


12 thoughts on “Eyes are the Windows to the Soul as Windows are the Sole Pain to My Ass

  1. OMG, I so enjoy reading your decorating stories!! You describe clearly what I feel inside every time I feel the need to redecorate! I can vision what I want but then pulling it all together takes a few trys! I love the end result; the repositioning of your couch; the color choice of the drapes just makes this look so welcoming! Looks like a room I’d like to curl up in and read a good book!

    1. Thank you and thank you for understanding my pain! What a headache that window has been. I love it now though and the room is really funtioning. Hooray! Finally! I’ve been spending so much time in there already 🙂

  2. Quite the evolution from awful to awesome! Isn’t it nice to know that something came together…I still have no curtains in my living room window because I have no idea what to hang there–my window is shaped like a church window (kind of)…and it is huge…so it remains bare for now…soon though…soon….

  3. I love picture windows, but yes, they are a pain to dress. LOL! I let my husband pick out the last draperies we bought for the front room window and they are U.G.L.Y! They are the same color as our walls and look like something right out of the 60s or 70s. Can’t afford to change them yet as we are getting our two smaller bedrooms repaired, painted and furnished right now. (old house blues) So as you said, at least you can’t see through them. 😛

    You did a great job and I also think that your front room window is beautiful! I love 12 lite window sashing that frames both sides of the main glass too!
    ~ Lynda

    1. It’s great that you have fun projects going! I love doing bedrooms, I’m trying to convince Isaac to swap with me so I can have 2 to do lol! Thanks for saying I did good, it’s a relief to finally have a normal looking window 🙂

    1. Thanks Caroline! I love the yellow too, it was between these and the silmilat pattern on anthropologie. I went with these because they aren’t as “loud” and 1/2 the price 🙂 I love how they turned out 🙂

    1. I have to write about my disasters or there wouldn’t be much to talk about! Good luck with your new curtain adventure, believe me, I feel your pain!

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