If Spontaneity Were a Color, It’d Be Reddish

I’ve finally done something spontaneous! I colored my hair and I love how it turned out, too!

It’s hard to really tell from the picture but it’s a ginger color 😀

Ginger… Get it?

Please ignore the zombie look in my eyes, I’m hurting really bad today but I’m still in good spirits. There are a lot of great things coming up, I just know it!


32 thoughts on “If Spontaneity Were a Color, It’d Be Reddish

    1. Yeah, the little things will get you through though. Do what you can, don’t worry about what you can’t! I am looking forward to hearing how your hair turns out, have a peaceful night!

  1. Love your hair color! And I am very proud of you because you are keeping your blog going, even with short tidbits such as this, when you are still not feeling yourself!
    I have silver (white) hair now…turned silver at a very young age and used to color it, but stopped a few years ago….hmmmm….I’m wondering if I should start again…maybe a platinum blonde…almost the same color, right? My kids both inherited my ‘silver’ gene and their hair is turning white already…too bad for them but it amuses me!

    1. Thank you, I was worried I wasn’t going to get anything up today cause of how I’m feeling but realized taking a picture isn’t very hard. When I go silver I am finally going to go blonde, my hair won’t go that light, I’ve tried quite a few times! So I’m saving the bombshell for the future 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful night!

  2. You look great actually!

    I used to dye my hair a bronzed/red. The colors were woven in row by row, and foiled to heat set it. The result was that my hair was reddish, but blond looking too. These days however, I would just settle for hair.

    LOL! I am one of those unlucky women who has to wear a hat or suffer a sunburned dome. My big self dare was three weeks ago… I locked myself in the bathroom with the scissors. I emerged looking a bit like Judi Dench but thin on top. Maybe not such a good idea, but now I jump out of the shower dry, and spritz it a bit, then run my fingers through it. DONE! Ah well, it will grow back. (but not thicker) 😉

    1. Thanks Lynda! I do like red, thought it might be cheerful to look at 🙂 I’m sorry you are having trouble with your hair, but you should know short hair is always in style. I am still in the mist of growing out a pixie cut 🙂
      I also want to say that I have always loved your avatar, espsecially because of your hat. I can tell you are very stylish and hats are always a great accessory! It is a great photograph and I adore it, and you!

  3. You look gorgeous! You always do, but especially since you are pulling off looking so amazing while in pain. Welcome to the Ginger-world, and I love the title of this blog! Very clever.

    1. Haha don’t tell anyone… I had to edit the title because I spelled the big fancy word wrong the first time I posted it lol I thought of you when I saw it. Your hair is much lovelier but I’m glad to be in your club at least!

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous and hang on in there girl.. I too live in pain most of the time, but somehow we get through there into another day. Love your spirit and dare I say Guts!!!!
    Go Girl!

    1. Thank Liz, I am sorry you are living in pain also. It really makes me thankful for what isn’t wrong, how about you? Thanks for reading and thanks for the great comment, it means a lot!

  5. It sure does make me thankful for my life even with the pain… As the saying goes.. if it does’nt kill you it will make you stronger..lolol just fooling.\I enjoy your blog and read it most days. I am impressed with your courage and willingness to “have a go” at things and so glad you found out what was wrong, so now you can set about living and coping with what you have.
    All the best

    1. Yes, we can be strong together 🙂 Us against the rocks under or skin! I am trying to cope and move forward, any suggestions you have and want to share are always welcome 🙂

      I hope you have a manageable night and a happy day!

  6. I just remembered when I tried to dye my hair red a few years ago…didn’t realize that white hair contains NO pigment so the red dye didn’t take….turned out looking like a very bright copper penny–a copper penny that had to teach a class that day! Cost me buckets of money to get it fixed…lesson learned…don’t fool around with Mother Nature when she is in one of her moods! LOL

    1. Wow, I didn’t know that could happen! On that note, one of the times I tried to lighten my hair blonde it ended up turning yellow. Do you recall the doll Rainbow Brite? My hair was as yellow as hers lol

      I admit I was worried how this would turn out because I haven’t colored my hair in years, I’m glad it went well this time.

  7. Gorgeous hair and picture! You look stunning, no need to apologise for zombie eyes…!
    Nice to see a bit more of you – you look so diff in your little gravatar pic?!

  8. love the ginger color!! i think you look fantastic! and keep doing those little things for yourself that give you little pick-me-ups. you deserve it!

    1. Thanks Liz, I went out about a month a go and bought some new clothes for work, too. I suppose I jinxed myself on that one though. At least I’ll have nice stuff to wear to doctors appointments and house cleaning. I do always love new looks and it;s funny how much they can really be a pick me up.

  9. Thank you! I have been growing my hair out for so long. This year I’ve only gotten shape ups, no cuts. That is really hard for me because I like change so much lol I am determined to cross that off of my 365 list though, so I’ve been sticking to it!

  10. You’re a really pretty young lady! I love the hair color, it looks so natural on you and compliments your skin coloring and blue eyes! I hope your days ahead will soon become a bit less pain ridden.

    1. Thank you, I hope so, too! I’m a pretty tough gal and I’m pretty savvy when I want to be. I know I am going to make something good out of this, no matter what I’m feeling inside!

  11. Looking great my friend..I love the new hair color.. and I love hearing from you more and more..
    I am really tempted to do something with my hair too…I love it when you catch your reflection and for a second you go..Ooo I look different and I love it 🙂

    Keep up the good spirit my friend

    1. Change is a wonderful pick me up, I say go for it! It did wonders for my reflection 🙂 Sometimes just caring a little extra for yourself makes a world of difference; especially after being down.

      My spirit is soaring but my mind is pretty grounded, I think that might be a good combo!

  12. Yay for you!! I died my hair red earlier this year and it true, red heads do have more fun. And you look lovely for it, the colour looks really natural on you. Just don’t do what I did after my first successful dye job and think ‘well, that was easy, now I’ll make it redder again!’. That was very expensive to fix….:)

    1. I have no money so I better stick to the same box… In six weeks, otherwize I will be walking around looking like Ronald McDonald. hehe that would be kinda funny though!
      ps Your hair is gorgous! It is so shiny and such a beautiful color! You are a beautiful girl, hair and all!

  13. I hate to say but I really cannot tell from the picture how red your hair really is… So post another one! haha
    Congrats on dying, I cannot wait to shape mine up in a dark brunette color again. Because of the krass humidity over here I only color it twice a year for fear of damage. Air in Germany is different, though, really looking forward to that.

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