Wild About Photo Walls

A few months ago I talked about creating a photo wall in Natalie’s room, and had a bit of fun creating it. What made the project even better was that I received a lot of wonderful comments on how it turned out. While I really love the lack of structure in her gallery, when it comes to my boring mom taste, I suppose I prefer my photo walls on the more traditional side. I’m not exactly sure why that is because I do adore the fun in the more modern random patterns; maybe I am just getting old.

A less chaotic layout seems safer, especially in a home as old as ours. Honestly, there’s not really anything modern about this house except for the electronics and Natalie’s pictures.

I’ve always loved art and photographs but unfortunately I have always had a terrible time getting anything up. I also really doubt myself when it comes to buying artwork. Will I like it in a few years? Will it be the right size? Will it actually hang on the wall without falling? These are real questions that cross my mind when it comes to choosing what gets hung in my home.

A few years ago, I came across a great gallery set on sale at Macy’s, you know the kind… Shelves, frames and all the hardware to hang it up, inside one easy box. Well, I got it up successfully and I have to say, I was really proud of myself. I thought it turned out nicely and everyone who visited our house always checked the family photos out. Then I decided to paint the room another color, removed the gallery and never hung it back up. All of my photos and shelves sat in a plastic bin, in my living room collecting dust for a year and a half.

More recently, while visiting at my aunts house, I was admiring the way she hung her art on the walls. I thought she might think that I was looney for making such a big deal about it, but I really admired the way she had them arranged and had to find out more. They looked very professional and made me want to hang photos just like them on all of my walls, so I started asking her questions. My aunt was very sweet and just pointed out that they were all the same size and type of frame. About a week later she thoughtfully mailed me an article that she came across in a magazine on how to re-create the way her art was set up.

I kept the article and looked for frames online or any time I was at a store. I found a lot of frames that I liked and while they were either the same or very similar, unfortunately, they were very expensive. I wasn’t trying to spend a lot of money, not at all. I even asked Natalie to check the dollar store where she gets her frames but that was a negative. They only had colored ones. So, I waited. And waited. Then magically, when hobbiling through Ikea last week, I saw the perfect frames for TWO DOLLARS.

Yup, 2 bucks! You better believe I got them. I actually want to go back and get 6 more.

When I couldn’t fall asleep last night, I took out my dusty frames and shelves one by one and gave them a good cleaning. Then this morning I had a happy time picking out some great photographs for my new frames. Through out the day I hung everything up on my walls. I was so proud of myself for doing something fun and finally getting the old pictures up and being able to hang up the new ones. I even reorganized my desk so it wouldn’t junk up the photo for this post.

Wanna see what I did? If not, exit now, because I’ma posting pictures!

I’d really like to go back to Ikea to get 3 more white frames and 3 more black. The black ones will be for another project but the white ones will go on top of this display, it just needs one more layer to make it look fantastic. Well, that’s what I think.

Do you have a lot of photos or art work on your walls? If so, how do you hang them? I’m stll looking for some more ideas, this time for the upstairs hallway 🙂







10 thoughts on “Wild About Photo Walls

    1. Thanks! I was a bit iffy when I was buying them because I usually stick with black but I am so glad I did. If my daughter wasn’t with me I probably would have gotten all black and regretted it. She is a great assistant 🙂

  1. Great to get the photos up! Like them lots, esp the white ones!
    My GF and I hang photos in our spare room. We have a wall dedicated to any frame – for her photography from our travels/holidays. They’re all proper assorted, as they are any frame I find for a pound in the pound shop…
    In our living room we have a big canvas of one of her photos. We decided anything on our wall should only be our own… I’ll post pics soon!

    1. Hey Ginger, your photos look fantastic! The place is really being whipped into shape; kudos to you. Love reading your blog. Aunt K

      1. Thank you so much, for everything, I couldn’t have done them without your inspiration and guidance 🙂 I’m really glad you like my blog, too! It means so much to me 🙂 I love you, have a great day!

  2. Your home looks so warm and inviting! The white frames and dark star is really stunning! You did a really great job! I actually like older homes, you might have to do a bit of fixing up, but you can feel proud of yourself with each new change!

  3. I LOVE them both..I really liked the idea of using the same frames, same color..they look so professional…Great job!
    I really should take your example…I have LOADS of family pictures in albums but none on the walls..

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