Isaac’s Found Ikea Chair

The other day I mentioned that some time ago Isaac brought home a chair from a friend’s house. I also mentioned how this chair has been the force behind the new project of decorating the front room but didn’t show you any evidence of said chair.

There was a reason…  

Back when I made my list, I wrote down “find a chair and refurb.” I never imagined it would be such an easy thing to actually do. In fact, I honestly imagined myself working for months, first hunting for a chair I saw potential in, then sanding, painting and re-upholstering a (maybe) $10 thrift store chair. Had I even had the energy to do such a thing it would have probably been a big giant pain in the ass and huge epic fail.

All I have to say about that resolution right now is thank goodness for Isaac’s willingness (and strength) to carry a chair half-way through the village, all in the name of free. Oh, and I was nuts.

I have to confess though, as soon as I saw the stark white thing, that he had carried across blocks, sitting in my home, I flipped out. I demanded that he bring it right back. After fighting with him for 18 days a little while, I realized that it was the perfect size for my put-on-hold-redecorating-plan and that it was obviously an Ikea chair that I could “reupholster.” I quickly looked on their website and found “slipcovers” (or what ever they properly call them) and decided they weren’t too expensive.

$50 or taking the chance that I would never actually get around to refurbing a different chair? Hmmm. The time I’d save alone was worth it.

So, I caved in to him and said okay it could stay, but I was still kinda creeped out that it came from someone elses home, how ever clean they are… You never know.  So to the porch it was sent until I could throughly inspect it and make my way to Ikea.

Now, may I proudly introduce you to the newly “refurbished” chair that has been the start of my “new” family room?

Yes, I’m changing it from front room to family room because it sounds (and finally feels!) like an actual room. 

If you notice in the picture, there are quite a few things (aka messes) going on in here but I will be touching on those topics during this week. Just to give you a little hint of what’s to come… I sure did complain an awful lot about finding a window treatment for the picture window. Woot whoot! I love spending money when things come together nicely!

I also have quite a few other big posts up my sleeve this week… Someone will soon be getting a super lovely female companion!

Have a great week everyone and remember to focus on the things you can do and don’t worry about what you can’t; Cheers!


18 thoughts on “Isaac’s Found Ikea Chair

    1. Thanks Beth, I try to be as positive as I can, some days, of course, it’s easier than others! Gotta keep going though! Sometimes if I fake hard enough on my bad days I can actually turn my negativity around 🙂

  1. Glad you kept the classy chair! I defy you to find a nicer one for only $50.00. Having a nice home can go a long way to making anyone feel more comfortable and relaxed… and you can’t deny you need both of those right about now. And WOW! It didn’t cost you $4,000!

    ~ Lynda

    1. Comfortable and relaxing is definetly what I am searching for, that’s the truth! Thank you for your kind comment and when all is said and done, it definetly won’t have a $4000 price tag! Yay for compromises, knowing limits and creativity!

    1. Thanks Greg, it is coming along sweetly! I agree with you on the advice but I can’t be the one to take credit for it, I’ve read it a few places and thought it was worth passing on. Have a great day 🙂

  2. Great advice and well done – great chair! Also – is it your gorgeous cat who’s getting a lady friend?! How exciting!!

    1. The handsom guys name is Spook because he gets scared a lot, not in a bad way, in a cute and funny way. He is going to be getting a lady friend later this week, we are all very excited 🙂

  3. The chair looks fab!!! I’ll bet that your family room is going to be coming together just perfectly, making a super cozy space. And that kitty… oh my gosh, I just wanna squeeze him/her! Good luck with the addition!

    1. Thanks, Liz! It’s coming along way better than I had imagined, Spooky especially loves all the changes. He’s tested out every new peice of furniture for sleeping, lounging, and hiding. He’s had more fun with the re-do than the kids and I have lol

  4. That is some great advice Ginger..and the chair looks amazing..I can’t wait for your up coming posts..
    P.S. thank you so much for the comment you left on my blog..I can’t tell you how much it meant to me..especially coming from someone I admire so much for their courage and creativity..
    Thank you is not nearly enough

    1. It was all true what I said and I wanted to be sure you knew how much I admire your work and you as a person! You are one of the nicest people I know and I am sure everyone else who knows you would agree!

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