Free Latte, Baby!

When I put “get a free latte” on my list, I put it under the category of Challenge because I had no idea how I would actually go about getting one.

Someone else footing the bill wasn’t what I concidered “free” so I left it to the fate of the world (and some luck) to bless me with a real life free latte.

Well, today is my lucky day!

Huz just brought one to me, and indeed, it was free!

The kind folks at Dunkin’ Donuts just gave it to him when he bought his regular coffee. Huz already had his coffee and knows this is my favorite coffee drink so he brought it over to me since he was in the neighborhood. I presume they made it for another customer who then changed their mind and their loss turned into my gain!

So sweet! I love free! I love latte’s!

When he told me what happened and assured me that it was actually a freebie I got all giddy and told him that I could now cross it off my list. He asked me why the heck I would even put it on my list as I have never came across a free latte before in my life. “It was a challenge,” I said, “and this is fate!”

Woo Hoo! Things are looking up!

Today is sure to be a lucky day, I ought go buy a Powerball ticket now 🙂 If I win big I’ll send all my subscribers a free latte, wish me luck. 😀



16 thoughts on “Free Latte, Baby!

  1. A coincidence indeed! Or simply just meant to be. I’m glad things are working out according to your list, it might mean you are on your right way of life… 😉

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