The Baltimore Aquarium Minus Me

Back in the day and I do mean waaay back in the day, before the kids, before the house, and before the 21st century, Huz and I talked frequently of going to the Baltimore Aquarium. I don’t know why I actually had my mind so set on the place, but for whatever reason I did, but then life happened and we never took the trip.

Baltimore is not too far away from Philly and can be traveled to and from in one day but shortly after talking about taking the trip Natalie came along and soon after I found myself pregnant with Isaac. As the kids got older it was made clear that we wouldn’t be visiting the fantastic aquarium anytime soon.

Isaac was a miserable child and from miserable he turned devilish and certianly not someone pleasant to spend all of those hours in a car with.

Through the years I had all but forgotten about the aquarium but remembered it late last year while I was trying to add fun things to my list.

You probably think I am going to tell you now that I finally got down there, to the aquarium that I had wanted to visit for the past 14 (God, time flys) years. Well, I didn’t, but I am writing about this because the kids did get to go.

On one of the days that Huz had the kids, he decided that he was going to take them and afterwards to a Ravens ball game. He tried his best to convince me to go along but there was no chance. I was hurting so bad and just the thought of having to walk anywhere was way too much for me to handle.

Am I upset that I didn’t get to go? Not really.

Maybe a little.

I AM happy that the kids got to go though and I’m glad they had a fantastic time. Even though I didn’t go I am crossing it off my list becauseย well, I’m desperate to cross things off, and my kids are as best a replacement as I am the real thing. So, thanks babes for having a great day and thanks Huz for trying your best to get me moving.

I know he picked that place because he thought if there was any chance of me leaving the house it would be to go there.


6 thoughts on “The Baltimore Aquarium Minus Me

  1. We grew up in Maryland and it was a common field trip. When I got older walking outside the aquarium and seeing the seals after dinner in Little Italy was fun, this was before I met Greg. You’ll have fun when you do go. But it really is more for kids. I always liked the rain forest and was terrified of the piranha tanks! I hope your kids had fun. And I hope you do get to go eventually.

    1. Thanks Kathrine, the way you tell it makes it seem like a real lot of fun. I’d love to go to little Italy there ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for commenting!

  2. Well I’ve never been to the Baltimore Aquarium but I love the London Aquarium, it has a shark tunnel! Anyway I’m glad your kids had a great time, and maybe you’ll get to go some time too.

    On a side note, I find baseball fascinating. We don’t have it here but there is a game we play at school called rounders that seems to be similar. I love their outfits, there’s no other uniform like it

  3. Ginger, great to see you crossing off! And yes, it’s your list and your entitled to adapt and items to suitably fit I say! By the way, do you mind me asking how things are between you and your husband now? Is he seeing your kids often? Are they ok too?

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