Rebellious Sangria

I am so totally breaking the rules here but that’s okay.

Even though it’s not quite 5 O’Clock, the kids are gone and I wanted to get something crossed off my list…

Forgive the photo, I had to take it with my iphone because Natalie has the memory card for the camera.

Nope, it’s not wine, it’s champagne, so I doubt it really counts as Sangria, but it certianly counts for crossing “Drink Champagne” off of my list!


Ya ya ya


6 thoughts on “Rebellious Sangria

  1. Ginger–it’s five o’clock somewhere! So for sure you are entitled to enjoy a little bit of relaxation with your own version of sangria. I’m seriously considering using the blender that I brought to my cottage a few days ago (I never use it at home) to make a margarita–it’s pouring rain outside and it actually IS five o’clock here, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.
    Thank you for inspiring me! LOL

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