Don’t Push Your Luck, Babe

A little over a week ago I had written a post about my daughters room and took this picture…

While many of you said that it was lovely (and I even thought it was lovely) I still felt as if it were missing something.

Now, I am going to share something with you about myself that is quite embarrassing…

For some reason, unbeknownst to me, I am a total disaster when it comes to picking out curtains.

I simply cannot get it right. This is not due to a lack of effort on my part. Oh no. I’ve done plenty of research over the years; I’ve read on-line tips and tricks, countless decorating books, endless magazine articles and numerous blogs on how to select and hang the perfect curtains to no avail.

Of course, you need something to cover up your windows though, so on just about every window in my house I’ve hung those blinds that you can see in the above picture. Plain and boring but purpose serving and perfectly adequate.

Blinds are simple! You can’t really screw them up (too badly) and you get what you get, meaning they can really only look one way. Curtains though, for me are an impossible challenge because what I see in my head and what I see in reality, once they are hung up, are completely different.

With the exception of the picture below, that is. I am happy to say that I (for the first time in my life) have actually bought curtains that look the way I imagined.

Oh, happy day!

Now, please don’t think that suddenly I know what I am doing.

I certainly don’t, I just happened to have luck in one room. I also purchased curtains for the picture window in my front room during the same shopping trip but they are an utter failure.

That stupid humongous window is a thorn in my side. A 7 year thorn but we will save that saga for another time. I’ll quit while I’m ahead and right now, I am satisfied with having one room that looks almost complete.




14 thoughts on “Don’t Push Your Luck, Babe

    1. Ugh, I just don’t understand why they are so hard to master! I’ve been in plenty of homes that have wonderful windows and the owners just act like it was no big deal to make them look so perfect! Frustrating! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has a hard time with this! If you find a trick, please, for the love of my sanity, share!

  1. Curtains are so difficult! That’s probably why in the last 3 places I’ve lived I just didn’t bother. But, lucky for me, the people moving out of my new place actually left their curtains on our giant sliding door, and would you believe it -they’re actually totally cute!

  2. Your curtains are darling!

    The TRICK: With the exception of the guest bedroom and the dinning room I got help. No, I didn’t pay for the help… Let me explain.

    I took pictures of the window and my favorite pieces in the room, then I went to a couple of high end department stores and asked for help. Hey, they are paid to do this because they want you to buy their product! So I don’t feel too bad… and in the case of our bedroom I DID buy the recommended product (it was on sale and affordable that time)! But, if their stuff is not in your budget, well don’t feel bad about going somewhere else for what you can afford. And just to be fair, the really awesome girls who helped get referrals from me even if I couldn’t buy their brand.

    1. That is a Fantastic idea! Thank you so much for sharing that tip with me! I am definetly going to do that! Yay! Wonderful, I can’t wait to try it, I bet they will be able to figure it out!

  3. You did a great job choosing those curtains! But I feel your pain. I too have windows in my home with only blinds, and I even have bare-naked windows in the kitchen and living room. It isn’t for lack of trying–I look and look but never have found what I picture in my head. And my living room window is HUGE–three arches like a church, which makes it a very weird shape to try to dress. I just tell people I like to let as much daylight as possible into my home, but in actuality I just haven’t found something to hang there. Maybe I will look this week though–if you can do it, surely I can too, right? Okay, maybe not, but I’ll try.
    Great post, BTW.

    1. My kitchen windows are naked also, with the exception of some valliances I had made from an old bed skirt! Did you read pixillated’s tip above? I think she’s on to something and I am going to give it a go, maybe it will work for you too! Good luck, it sounds like you need it just as much as I do 🙂

  4. Absolutely adorable! Your daughter must be so proud of that “clean” and pretty room! I will be honest also in telling you I just can’t get the hang of picking out curtains either and it seems by the other posts we are not alone!

  5. I have no experiences with curtains. I live in a flat with crappy blinds only. Which, to be honest, are mostly kept open.
    Yours thought Ginger are very pretty. COngrats at your long awaited curtain victory.
    Ginger 1 – Curtains 0

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