Seventy Four


I have been patiently waiting since MARCH to make these lovely little bites of goodness. Ever since my (now dear) friend, metrocakegirl, posted these delicious creations on her blog the domestic epicurean I’ve been determined to give them a go.

Oh, yum! I had to let everyone know that I don’t *really* hate cupcakes and what a recipe to prove it with!

If you know Metro and read her blog but aren’t sure which one of her recipes to try out first (or next!) may I suggest her vanilla orange cupcakes with orange zest butter cream frosting? This cake is OUTSTANDING and the frosting has beautiful specks of orange zest that is sure to bring a smile to your taste buds. Metro was even kind enough to explain to me how to frost my cupcakes fancy and though they are no comparison to her beautiful piping skills, I certainly had a lot of fun!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Metros blog yet, I’m encouraging you to head over there right now! She is a very lovely girl and I am very lucky to have had the chance to get to know her AND make her REALLY GOOD CUPCAKES!

Thanks Metro!!


18 thoughts on “Seventy Four

  1. First off, those are beautiful!!! Second, thank you Ginger. What sweet things to say, and the feeling is mutual. 🙂 You just made my day. I will gladly trade a cookie for a cupcake , or a beer or two…lol I just came in to grab some water since I am moving the lawn in 90+degree heat. I hope you are having a wonderful day lovely lady.

  2. Mean. Cruel. How Could You?

    …I shall be making these, sending all but 2 or 3 or 10 away to the neighbors. 🙂
    I wonder how many WW points those would be?…you know what, it’s totally worth calculating. Now, where’s my calculator…

    1. You know I didn’t even check, I’m guessing about 14-16 points each… Yeah, I went from not eating any points a day to eating too many points for the day in a matter of minutes. Sianara depression! Just wait till next week, there is a contest winner to be announced you know. 😀 All I’m sayin is save some points or throw some cookies in the freezer for when you have points and a sweet tooth!

  3. Woop Woop. Ah Ginger, on the cupcake bang wagon, YAY! I feel so happy
    Great cakes, and I will definitely head to check the recipe, I also agree that Metro’s blog is fabulous!
    Nice piping too by the way.
    Can I just ask – the title, ‘seventy four’ what does that signify?
    Woop, it’s Friday! I need to get up now!

    1. The piping was a lot of fun but I need a lot more practice! It’s definetly a skill to be mastered. I was trying to take my time so I think the warmth of my hands was making the icing melt in the bag. Lol I made a bit of a mess but had a great time doing it. 74 is the # from my 365 list 🙂

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