The Good Ol’ Switcharoo

I’ve gone through my List of Resolutions about 4 times in the past hour, searching for something that I could get done and write about tonight, but nothing really seems to be right.

Everything’s just too risky. 

You know I’m a fail-first succeed-second kinda girl.

  • If I make cupcakes they will burn and catch the house on fire.
  • If I make a pie I will drop it and soil the rarely fresh mopped floor.
  • If I read a book I will (without a doubt) get a paper cut and die of excessive blood loss.

So instead I came up with a brilliant (aka feeble) attempt to entertain you by working on the revision of my list to remove the items that revolved around Huz or his family.

There are quite a few of them and since I don’t have the guts to edit them all right now, I thought it might be fun to do my first ever PollDaddy poll. If it is successful, I will do one a week until every thing has been upgraded.

So, first task…

#1 on the list… Have a girls night with sister-in-laws.

I was really looking forward to this one. Every time us girls would be together  in the kitchen working while the guys sat in the other room watching sports and talking excessively loud at family parties we would say we were going to have a girls night. It was one of those things that was taken for granted. I love my sister-in-laws to pieces and it hurts so much that I won’t be able to, well, I’m not gonna get all sappy.

Anyway here onto the poll!

It will be open for 24 hours and I’ll post the results tomorrow. All you need to do is pick what you think you’d like to read about… I am putty in your hands 😉

If there is a tie I will use the very scientific method of flipping a coin.


You can vote more than once, so if you want to help a girl feel cool, go on with your bad self.



13 thoughts on “The Good Ol’ Switcharoo

    1. TOO FUNNY! When I was 15 my best friend and I colored our hair with kool-aide. I read it in Sassy, did you used to read that? I’d imagine Jell-O would have the same effect.

      Love the word whilst, have you been reading a lot of UK bloggers too? They use that word a lot. Someday I will figure out a sentence to use it in!

  1. Although I think all three are great options I am a sucker for jello shots. I think every party I threw had jello shots. Nothing is better than getting drunk from a dessert that had bill Cosby as the spokesperson!

    1. Ha ha that sounds great! I’ve never made them yet but I’ve always wanted too. I’m thinking a fancy grown up version. It should be yummy and cause a lot of giggling! Bill Cosby actually owns a house in my town, it’s meant to be!

  2. Loved yerttle’s suggestions
    I voted for change your hair color…I love what a new look can do to one’s moral..each time you look in the mirror you will feel a little better

    1. I’ve been thinking about changing my hair color for a while now and it just might be the perfect pick me up. I also loved Yerttle’s suggestion, lol

  3. Hi! just found your blog through anothers with your comment, and yep again with the similar things listed (btw. I loved the way you used the line to cross out the reality of what happens at gatherings so funny)
    I voted on the happy hour thing, but all three sound good. I also did the hair color thing (but then I have been highlighting my hair blonde a long time, so not sure if that counts) but need the jello shot recipe. lol (to share with the good family members!)
    I wanted to let you know I am going to add your blog to my links. Not sure when I will get to read and catch up, but suspect another similar situation.
    So Ginger Forge Ahead Successfully! You can do it!

    1. Thanks for reading, commenting and the link! I am heading over to your blog now to check you out! It’s great to meet new writers who are similar! Nice to meet you and thanks for voting!

  4. While all three are fabulous options (and really, what’s keeping you from doing all three), my vote is for Happy Hour with the girls from work. A good ole fashion girls’ outing is usually good for many laughs and smiles!

    1. Thanks Cary! I agree, all three are pretty fun. Maybe I will keep using the ones that don’t make it in the next round 🙂 thanks for your help!!

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