Pretty Cool Mama

What a better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than to beat a pinata? How about beating a pinata and having a really good Mexican meal with the folks?

My son wasn’t able to go on his class trip “without parental supervision” and his teacher had asked us to make arrangements for it months ago. Huz was all signed up and was supposed to go, but he screwed up his life wasn’t able to go and because Huz screwed up our family and made me waste a million vacation days I wasn’t able to take off of work (or walk for that matter) and couldn’t be a chaperone either.

I was hoping (against  all hope) that his teacher would be understanding of our situation and sensitive to Isaac’s feelings, but yeah.

She wasn’t.

She didn’t outright tell me not to send him to school (could she do that without getting fired?) but she heavily hinted the suggestion. I am certainly not blind to the fact that Isaac is a, well, let’s just call him a tough kid to deal with. So, I graciously suggested that I kept him home from the trip. She let out a relieved sigh, and I a saddened one, realizing that he would be upset and that now I was in a bit of a pickle.


Not knowing what else to do I called my Mama to complain.

She immediately offered to come up to help out for the day and I couldn’t have been more grateful. Both of my parents were nice enough to come and spend some quality time with Isaac. They gave him a lot of  tlc, took him to his favorite place in the world (the boy loves the mall) and even bought him some new shoes that I couldn’t afford when he asked me to buy them a few weeks ago.

On top of that, my Mama even brought with her enough food for a fiesta! We had a great time chatting as she cooked (in my kitchen!) a huge Cinco de Mayo dinner after I came home from work. She went all out and made guacamole (my fav), 7 layer dip (also my fav), chicken fajhitas (another fav) and tacos (yup. you guessed it… MY FAVORITE!)

I had such a lovely time visiting with my parents (on a school night) and the very best part of my day was coming home from work and finding Isaac (and my parents) in a delightful mood. He had a much needed great day with my parents and I couldn’t help but feel so happy for him. His smile made my heart melt and I didn’t feel bad that he missed his trip at all.

Of course, after 30 minutes of being an angel he bugged me (and bugged and bugged) for an hour, because he wanted the entire neighborhood kids next door to be a part of the festivities. I wasn’t really feeling up to it; but in the end he won. I’m glad he did win (don’t tell him) because they had a really great time.

Pinata + Candy = Smiling, Laughing, Not Beating Each Other Up or Fighting, Happy Kids

The babes even happily cleaned up the dinner mess because they had so much sugar in them fun playing with the pinata (on a school night!)


7 thoughts on “Pretty Cool Mama

    1. Thanks Metro! I’m glad you read between my lines lol breathe in and out, I have enough to focus on right? Some people. He had a better day anyway and one that he will remember for a long time and, more importantly, one that aided in healing his heart. The crummy school trip wouldn’t have done any of that for him.

  1. Sounds like so much fun 🙂 And your garden looks huuuuge! Lol. I’d love a big garden like that. My 2 year old brother was giving off to my dad that our garden is ‘wubbish’ cos it doesn’t even have a ‘wooden decking to be a stage for his band that he’s making with his saxozone and guitar and drums and trumpet and a new hat and a yellow suit’ :L
    Dunno if this is right because my Spanish is very limited but I’ll try it anyway — ¡Féliz cinco de mayo!

    1. Your brother sounds adorable! Two is such a great age, I bet he says and does a lot of things to make you laugh! My garden is more like a jungle right now, I’m putting the babes to work tomorrow as a mothers day gift. Haha, we will have fun, even if they don’t know it yet 😉

  2. Loved the pictures…the kids look really happy 🙂
    I’m glad Isaac had a great is one less thing for you to worry about..
    I will agree with metrocakegirl and refrain from making nasty comments about the teacher and huz…Grrrrr
    Your mum sounds like a wonderfull chef…what is exactly in the 7 layer dip? sounds yummy

    1. Lol, thanks! The 7 layer dip is very, very easy:
      Layer each in a pie dish or similar dish (glass is best so you can see):
      Cream cheese blended with salsa
      Retried beans
      Sour cream

      Serve with veggies or my favorite, tortilla chips!

  3. Wow, I love the piñata in the shape of a chili. Isn’t it really nice when days that could be horrible turn into really lovely ones. I’m glad that it all worked out in the end.

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