Lovely Little Things

Cheery Cherry Blossoms

This is the first year, since I’ve lived in my home, that I won’t be hosting an Easter Brunch.

I had put it on my list.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have put it on the list because I have hosted it every year and it wasn’t too much of a challenge; but there were reasons why I put it there… It is my favorite holiday party to host and each year I try to make it better than the last.

I had started preparing for this year a few weeks ago by buying a new table cloth, a beautiful “thing” to put silverware in and scouring for new recipes to serve. I was also putting mad effort into getting the kitchen done but because of the recent turn of events with Huz everything quickly jerked to a halt. There was suddenly no reason to host the brunch, as it is his family that I ultimately host it for.

This leaves me truly sad.

Not wanting to fully give up on my favorite party yet, I attempted to have my own family come over but they had already made their plans. The party here simply wasn’t happening. So now instead of hosting the much loved annual brunch this year I will probably be taking the kids to my parents. To eat ham.

I suppose I will throw a fantastic brunch together for just me and the kids and I’ll hide change filled eggs for them, but the three of us are definitely going to somberly miss the 15 other guests that are normally here; most of all, Huz.

I’ve been feeling quite sorry for myself about this and everything in general that’s been happening in my life over the past few weeks but then last night I read a wonderful post by one of my very favorite bloggers, Yerttle.

She wrote about Good Friday and Easter Sunday and the way people might think of life during difficult times. She proved to me that angst and sorrow can eventually lead to joy and relief.

It was the most comforting posts I have read in so long (if not ever) and it was written during the most trying time of my life. Please take a moment to read her post Friday People; it truly is inspiring and it certianly made me feel grateful for the anguish I am going through right now.

Even though it’s easy to feel down and out, I am now encouraging myself to look for the Sunday side of things.

And even though it is pouring rain and cold outside I have two lovely little trees that bring sunshine and cheer to my spirit…

When I bought my house in the month of August, seven years ago, I had what I would consider NO knowledge of the different types of trees that this world is graced with. Being a girl from a woodsy South Jersey farm town, the only trees I really knew of were boring Oaks and reliable Pines. I had a little knowledge on Dogwoods because my mother had planted one outside of our kitchen window and for years would point out how beautiful it was and speak of how much she loved the tree.

I didn’t really take the time to notice trees. They were woody and their leaves were green. They weren’t very interesting and certainly not anything worth occupying my little mind with.

Then along came the spring season, almost a year after I had moved into my home.

I was down right flabbergasted when one of the “plain old” trees in my back yard’s branches were suddenly covered with little reddish specks that seemed to grow bigger every day.

Even more concerning to me was the tree directly across from my freak of nature  that was also looking downright bizarre in it’s own way.

There were no specks of red on this tree but the leaves on it were becoming a deep purply, reddish blue, almost even brown color, instead of the bright green that I had been accustom to seeing.

After a week of wondering if my back yard was toxic, I discovered that I had the most truly special, out-of-this-world, wonderful trees growing on my small plot of land.

I was ecstatic when those funky little red buds turned into the biggest most beautiful baby pink blossoms and the scary brownish leaves transformed into a splendid shade of mauve.

It was, to me, the most wonderful surprise and served as total reassurance that I had purchased the very best house in the world.

Focus on the trees... not the mud 🙂

Because the Cherry Blossoms are so beautiful and cheery I decided to take a risk and snip some of the branches to put in an old grey colored wine bottle that I use as a vase. I put the magnificent branches on my mantel in hopes that they would look as beautiful inside as they do outside.

I also decided to make some tissue paper poufs to hang from the ceiling above my mantel as they take on same texture and shape as the cherry blossoms.

It took all of a half an hour to make three poufs and arrange the branches in my simple vase but the result is the equivalent to a months worth of cheer.

Simple Beauty

I decided the mantel was still lacking a little so I went over to The Graphics Fairy and found a lovely little Easter print to put into a frame. Then to fill in the open spaces, I filled some glass hurricanes and candle holders with dried rose petals from when Huz had bought me a ton of roses for Valentine’s Day. Back when the petals started to wilt I pulled them off and let them dry out in a basket just for little projects like this.

Adorable Easter Art and Dried Rose Petals.

The mantle was looking a tad unbalanced so I decided some more fresh flowers would even it out.

I went up the street to my local farm market and grabbed the prettiest hydrangeas I could find. I didn’t like the tacky shiny paper they were wrapped in so I got a bit crafty and made my own paper wrapping out of a Williams-Sonoma paper bag that I had saved from Christmas. It was a super simple fix:

Gaudy green paper be gone! Supplies: a beautiful plant, a big paper bag, tape, scissors, a yardstick, a rubberband and some twine, string or ribbon.
Pull down the ugly shiny paper into a square, place paper bag underneath and cut it to the same size or a bit smaller. Cut away almost all of the ugly paper, leaving a good sized piece at the bottom so your plant can still be watered without leaking.
Center the plant on your paper and tape the tops of the paper to the container in four evenly spaced places, don't press hard on tape; you will be removing it.
Pull up loose pieces by folding and forming "peaks" as you go. Place a rubber band around the pot to hold the paper in place and re-adjust the folds to your liking; remove the pieces of tape.
Tie a piece of string to the rubber band at the part you want the front of the flower to be. Wrap string around the paper, carefully tightening until your desired thickness is achieved.
Secure. You are done 🙂

After placing my hydrangeas in my display I still felt like I was missing one thing. I though about what I could use and remembered that I had a whole lot of Boyds Bears in my attic from when I used to collect them. I just knew there had to be a bunny or two up there so I went on a quick search to see what I could find.

Sure enough, I had a few little bunnies and found the perfect one.

Everything put together.
Decorated for Easter and decorated for spring. Total cost: $15 for plant and that beauty is going in my back yard in a few weeks, so it was worth it 🙂

I would love to make a garland of blown out eggs either for the mantel or one of the doorways but realistically, I know won’t get it done tonight. No worries, I’ll add it to my list of 365 for 2012 and have it done for next year.

Even though everything in my personal life is in shambles right now, I am feeling quite at peace. I am so thankful for all of the lovely little things that I have in my slice of suburbia and will positively look forward to my very own Sunday, whether it comes to me tomorrow or a year from now.

The future is bright and even though I won’t be a Mrs. Huz in the future, I will joyously take on the role of a Miss Brightside.

Have a Happy Easter (or regular Sunday if you don’t celebrate Easter) and please, don’t forget to check out the link to Yerttle’s blog, so you can find out how to look for the Sunday side of things. Her entry was truly my inspiration for this post and brought some sunshine to a very sullen girl.

Thank you, sooo very much, Yerttle!


6 thoughts on “Lovely Little Things

  1. Loved reading your post and Yerttle’ of my favorite qoutes of all times is (it is darkest before the dawn)..when things get really tough and you think you can’t go on..just hold on a little bet longer and the dawn will shine.. as your friend puts it…just make it through friday and your sunday will surely come..
    I’m sure that next year you will host a wonderful Easter brunch surrownded by people who love you and care about you..

    Loved everything about your mantel..and those buff balls are super cute..and I loved the ribbon they are tied in and the fact that the mirror adds double effect 🙂
    Happy Easter sweet Ginger

  2. You may not have a huz in your corner, but you most certainly gotta CUZ. You are so talented in your art and writing, and your amazing outlook is essentail to your survival- never let that love and passion fade. You are amazing for keeping this up in your most diffficult times, and we, your readers, are grateful for it. Your home is beautiful and you will always keep your own tradition in your heart, no matter where you are, physically. You have inspired me to celebrate my Sundays more.

  3. Thanks Beth, I’m sorry for not spilling the beans when you asked a few weeks ago. I’ve been quite embarrassed and it’s easier for me to talk about it through my writing than in real life. Your support and love mean the world to me and I know how lucky I am to be blessed with such a wonderful family. I love you so much and I’m glad the cat is out of the bag, I’m sorry you found out like this, but I’d just be a sobbing mess that you wouldn’t understand if I tried to talk about it in person.

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