Simple Roasted Chicken and Peppers with Orzo: Ginger Style

Normally, when I prepare chicken breasts I do the following:

  • pound them down to 1/4 inch
  • coat them in flour mixed with a few dried herbs
  • give them an egg bath
  • coat them in Italian flavored panko
  • pan fry them in a bit of canola oil over medium heat
  • lay them on some paper towels to absorb the grease
  • squeeze some fresh lemon juice over and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Super yummy and extremely easy. 

This time, however, I decided to prepare them differently.

For the following recipe, I used a very scientific method for picking my flavors of the dish and it proved well.

I held each ingredient to my nose and if it smelled good with each of the other ingredients it was included.

That’s Mad Skill.

This dish certainly wasn’t the best I’ve ever produced but it did turn out well enough to share. Roasting everything together is very easy and the recipe is easily adaptable to your tastes.

It takes quite a while for the marinading and roasting but if you have laundry to do or other booooooring chores this will easily fit in to your schedule.

A big plus is that the clean up is a breeze as you only use a roasting pan, a cutting board, a pot for pasta and a bowl to toss the orzo in. If there are any leftovers just store them in the pan and bowl you’ve prepared them in. The leftovers also make for a wonderful lunch wrap by shredding the chicken and adding some lettuce or fresh spinach in a tortilla.

As I’ve said above, this recipe is very adaptable.

Don’t be scared, take a chance and switch up your spices and your veggies according to your taste buds.

I just used what I had on hand but I think some other good combos would be:

  • lemon slices, garlic and artichokes
  • tomatoes, zucchini, garlic and asparagus
  • eggplant, onions and tomatoes
  • zucchini, eggplant, garlic, peppers and tomatoes

Add as many veggies as your pan will fit with the chicken and the herbs are totally up to your imagination.

Also, for other deeee-lish recipes on chicken (and everything else your taste buds could possibly desire) please take a moment to check out my new friend, the food doctor at Chef in Disguise. I promise that if you love food and beautiful pictures you were certainly love this wonderful blog as much as I do.

If you do make this dish with your own combination please share by adding a link in the comments section; I’d love to see and share with other readers what you’ve created!


9 thoughts on “Simple Roasted Chicken and Peppers with Orzo: Ginger Style

  1. This looks super yummy! I love recipes like this where you just throw everything together and it all cooks in one pan. Super easy and less clean up: win-win. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. First of all…thank you so much! you are truly too kind Ginger..
    Second I really love your writing…you are truly gifted..
    Loved your pictures.. the way you write on them is really original..and the picture with the spices is really artistic..
    loved the recipes too… the way you usually do chicken..never tried pan fried chicken with lemon before and the roasted chicken too..
    I may try the zucchini eggplant combo because that is what I have in my fredge 🙂
    Thank you again

  3. Hello Ginger…I tried this with zucchini, tomatoes, potatoes and peppers.. just added paprika, basil and marjoram to the turned out really delicious.. I wanted to photograph it and show it to you but my camera is broken 😦 thank you for a yummy recipe and thanx again for being the sweet angel you are

    1. What a wonderful comment to wake up to, today is sure to be a good day! I’m so glad you made it and it turned out great! Your combo sounds fantastic! I’m really sorry to hear about your camera 😦 Are you able to get a new one soon? I do hope so!

  4. I hope it can be fixed..I’m taking it to the maintenance center tomorrow.. Thank you for your concern and for the yummy daughter asked for leftovers today! that rarely happens

    1. That’s fantastic! I’m sure your magic touch had more to do with it than my recipe 🙂 Good luck with your camera tomorrow, I’m sure it will be fine 🙂

  5. How. How. How did you get your supercool text in your photos? Honestly. You should get some sort of award for Hip-Daddy-ness. Please tell me so that I can become your Padowan Learner in all things Fonz.

    Cheers! (no, really. I’m flipping out, here.)


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