23 bags of Flour and 2 Boxes of Butter

I have been trying to get to 117 pounds for what feels like a hundred years.
Welp (yea, I said it) it’s official; I’m there!
It wasn’t even that hard. All I needed to do was have my life turned upside down and get smacked in the face with a ton of heartache and from there happened fairly easy.

I kid. I kid.

Well, sorta. I’m sure if I wasn’t so upset in the past week I’d not have lost it that easy. But hey out of the darkness must come some light πŸ™‚

Life goes on and I’m feeling pretty okay today. I went through the bank accounts and bills and have a solid grasp on the lack of finances. Just knowing what I’m getting into has taken away a great load of that not-the-most-important-thing but reallyΒ important-thing type of stress.

I will be broke but I’ll be skinny and broke πŸ˜‰ I might be dressing in potato stacks by fall, but hey, I am a trendsetter!

I leave you with a fun little word thing I made online at wordle.com.

It’s fun to play with, but it’s hard to get a picture big enough to fit decently on your blog.

If you want to see my supa cool pic just click below and it will take you to a bigger version. I’ve made mine using all of the search engine terms that have been used to find my blog. The bigger words were used the most.

Some are pre.tty funny.

So, if you are bored or just like playing with silly little things that offer free and easy entertainment click the picture and have fun. You might even want to print something up to hang somewhere.

Wordle: Untitled


8 thoughts on “23 bags of Flour and 2 Boxes of Butter

  1. Loved your wordle..I might try making one soon.
    Congrats on reaching your goal weight..wish I could strike that off my list and wish it didnt have to come with so much heart ache..but hey it is darkest before the dawn and I’m sure things will look up soon..just hang in there and keep those lovely posts coming

    1. They are fun to play with, I’ve done song lyrics before and it turned out pretty neat. I wouldn’t want you to go through any heartache at all, I was just looking on the bright side πŸ™‚ Thanks for always being so kind, you are an angel!

      Also thank you for the awards, I’m sorry I haven’t said thank you yet, but I very much appreciate them and I’m will be putting them up on here tonight!

      Dare I go look at your blog now and be regretful thankful that I can’t eat the computer screen ? You make me drool πŸ™‚

  2. That wordle creation is hysterical. I think I may do that sometime too. People find my blog using the funniest search terms. Since I do post alot about our local hockey team, there have been multiple searches for different players, the mascot, the tunnel, etc. that have lead people to my blog. Lord, they must have been so dissappointed with what they found. LOL!
    Also, please let me know if there is anything I can do for you? Do you need anything?

    1. Thanks Dacia, you are such a sweetheart! I think I’m gonna be all right, honestly, I KNOW I’m gonna be all right, especially considering that there are so many lovely people in this world to offer me such kind words and support. It means he world to me.

      Oh and my super favorite search term that found me was “dirty dishes” hmmm that about sums it up. lol

  3. Skinny, in any state or form, is always preferable to the alternative. πŸ™‚
    …I’ll get there someday, “’cause I’m drinkin’ milk and…”
    …screw it. I’ll never get there. Enjoy it enough for us all, dawlink. πŸ˜‰

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