Celebrating Spring Fever

My son has been working on a “30 Day Challenge” project for his Facebook. It involves him posting a different picture reflecting a random topic for each of the 30 days. The topic this past Sunday was to post a picture of his “night”. Being the clever little off-spring of yours truly (I am pretty cool when I’m not being a total dork) he decided that he would use this topic as an opportunity to make it a really fun night.

He and his sister walked to the Pathmark a few blocks away from our home and bought a bundle of fire-sparklers. You know, those  thin little sticks that you light on fire and then screech in amazement as they shoot off sparkly lights; the ones you (used to) love playing with as (a kid) an adult? He then asked me to take a picture of him and his sister playing with them once it was dark out.

After we had dinner and the sun went down, he grabbed his sister, me and my camera and we all headed out into the front yard.

It was one of the first warm spring nights of the year and we had a wonderful time playing on the front steps, giggling loudly and celebrating his night. Huz even brought Spook out onto the porch so they could be a part of the festivities.

He ended up choosing the last picture for his 30 Day challenge and I’m so glad he did because he has a seriously beautiful smile.


4 thoughts on “Celebrating Spring Fever

  1. What great pictures! That was really a great idea your son had! I am so glad the whole family was able to particpate.

    Thank you for sharing!

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