Love Forever and Ever. Who’s Really Counting?

Just the other day I had to ask the huz how long we have been married. No, it wasn’t a trick to get a present or a way to win an argument or a sneak attack way to make him feel bad; it was a serious question.

We aren’t exactly the most conventional couple, we never have been and we probably won’t ever be. I met him a year after graduating high school and within 3 months I was pregnant. Shortly after our one year anniversary and my 20th birthday we were living in a tiny apartment above the pizza shop the then boyfriend worked with our brand new baby girl. Fast forward another year and we were living in a slightly bigger apartment with our 15 month old baby girl and our newborn son. Nine years had passed before we flew to Vegas and eloped, despite my mothers desperate pleas for us to have a big wedding. I never even showed my mom the pictures of our “ceremony” for fear that she would have a heart attack when she saw me in my camouflage hat, large hoop earrings and a tank top while reciting my vowels. I’m sure she wonders to this very day if we actually did, in fact, get married.

As I said, we are unconventional.

Anyway, the other night after a little head scratching we both agreed that it would be our 4th anniversary this year, but as I started to write this post tonight I did a little more math and then looked back at my expired license that I got after we were married only to realize that it will be 5 years.

The point of this posting ultimately is to say that last week I finally changed my name at the bank. It only took me almost four five years and I suppose I shared with you a little bit more about my crazy self.



5 thoughts on “Love Forever and Ever. Who’s Really Counting?

  1. 🙂 We got married in Vegas, too, but only because his family is Catholic and mine is…not…and we were tired of the fighting. But his family all showed up at the wedding anyway and our Amway (yes. Amway.) sponsors or head shrinks or wizards or whatever came, too. It was fun and I look 12 in the one photo we managed to get. The bottle of booze the hotel gave us, The Monte Carlo, is still in The Beer Fridge outside.

    Three kids and five Army moves later and I have to ask him what day our anniversary is on. …I also can’t remember our zip code, but that’s the Army’s fault, I’m sure. 🙂

  2. HA. I love the unconventional stories. My husband and I got married in 2003, but I didn’t get around to changing my name on all my documents until I was 7 months pregnant four years later. It was great fun when I had to show up in official government quarters and shout out in front of a room full of people to a half deaf attendant that I was there to change my name due to marriage. I’m sure everyone was thinking… shotgun!
    Not that I would have even cared, except I was jacked up on pregnancy hormones…

  3. Love the idea of eloping without telling the folks – believe me, its what makes my boyfriend afraid of marriage – MY MOTHER! My biggest dilemma (if he ever did get round to proposing, which is probably unlikely given that I’m a bit crazy lol) would be is it possible to elope and invite the soon-to-be in-laws (or fondly known as my lovely outlaws – acknowledged by the mother-out-of-law herself) without telling my family? Probably not. So dreams of Hawaii (my idea) and Vegas (his idea) for us must be put on the shelf and we’ll probably end up with a huge shindig in a fancy hotel with us footing the bill. So what I’m trying to say is, I love how unconventional you are, wish I could be like that 🙂

    1. Oooh… Hawaii does sound dreamy! A big fancy wedding sounds dreamy, too, minus the price tag. I can remember wanting to have a big glamorous wedding at some point in my life but over time, for us, it didn’t make much sense. We already had the kids and the house and 9 years under our belts it just seemed backwards to me and maybe even a bit embarrassing. I feel a bit sorry for eloping because I know I upset my mom for not having a ceremony for everyone to see but me getting married wasn’t for anyone else but us anyway. I suppose that makes me selfish, or at least that’s what my parents say.

      Sometimes I think of how nice it would have been to have had a big wedding shower and how fun it would have been to register for lovely gifts and buy a beautiful dress, but all of those things aren’t really necessary, I think they are just fun. The most important part of how or where you get married is that you are doing it because it’s the right thing for you, not so much everyone else. That doesn’t mean you need to blow everyone (your mom especially) off though and as far as telling his parents and not yours, nope, I don’t think you could get away with it. Not with a good outcome anyway!

      You could always do what Yerttle did (her wedding story is in the comments above) and let everyone know where you will be getting hitched… if they decide to show up just think of it as the more the merrier! That happened to her and it sounds like it was a fantastic time!

      Vegas is a great place to get married by the way, your boyfriend doesn’t have such bad taste 🙂


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