Smorgasboard of Doneness

Let me start off by warning you that this post is probably going to be





First off, I know that I have been sucky with writing  here lately but I have been getting a shit load of things done on my list. On top of that, I’ve realized there are some items I did even more than a few weeks ago so this is going to be one super random catching up post.

Brace yourself… I am just going to spit stuff out and give you a short and sweet summary for each accomplishment.  Hopefully after this I’ll be able to keep up with this blog because well, who can have a blog when they don’t actually write one?


This past weekend I went up to north Jersey to visit with my mom’s family. My cousin Daniel and his wife are having their first baby and Sunday was the baby shower. Since I hadn’t been to visit in two years so I decided it was high time to go with my momma and bring my new travel buddy, Nan.

The party was lovely and while the alcohol was a flowin’ I crossed off another resolution and went to a party and didn’t drink.

Of course, I drank the night before at the party at my aunt’s house but my hangover that had nothing to do with my sobrity!

Way more than a few weeks Huz and I took the kids on a day (and overnight) trip to the mountains. Since we don’t officially know how to ski, (or snowboard- I doubt that will be getting crossed off the list now cause I didn’t take my opportunity when I had it) we went snow tubing for like a hundred hours.

It was a ton of fun and the resort we went to, Bear Creek Mountain, was really, really nice. The food was fantastic, the resort was top notch and everyone we met was super nice.

The weather was warm and that made it easy for me because I’m a big huge mess bit of a cry baby when it comes to being cold. It wasn’t hot or anything though. The fake snow almost felt like real snow but it wasn’t cold enough to stop the kids from having a blast swimming outside in one of the heated pools at night.

Next up was wear a great outfit to the State of the Union. Big meeting. Work. I’m sure you’ve read it before. Again, this was weeks ago and weeks before I got my fancy camera so the picture I took on the imac is lame. Nonetheless, I looked fancy, fan-cy and got plenty o’ compliments on what I wore.















Blazer: Diane Von Furstenberg

Tank: Express

Blouse: INC

Skirt: Shelly Segal

Stockings: Betsey Johnson

Boots: BCBG

Mooooving on: get to work early. Let me tell you something, for the first 31 years of my life I was late to everything. Then last year I was just late to most things. This year (so far) I’ve only been late to a few things. Work, eh. I was always late. Getting the kids ready, traffic, my shitty commute. However, just about every day I have been there early! Ahhh, it feels good to be on time! Growing up isn’t always a bad thing!

I seriouslyhope I didn’t just jinx myself.

The coolest thing I’m crossing off today is skip (I’m so festive with my fonts)

I admit:

I am a dork.

I skip all of the time. I’m an adult.

I skip.

AND I have fun doing it so I’m not going to stop.

Yeah. Soooo if you see some big dork skipping somewhere… it’s me.

Feel free to laugh.

This week I also bought flowers.

But I didn’t buy them for myself!


I brightened someones day!

I also bought a lottery ticket it (scratch that) I bought two!

Yup. And gues what I walked away with??

Whoo freaking hoo! I can’t wait to buy some dish towels with this handsome guy 🙂

The last resolution for this post is print this (resolution) list and bring it with me everywhere. I have like 4 copies of this list floating around. In my bedroom, in my car, in 2 of my bags and and in my living room. It’s everywhere and I look at it almost daily so I totally got this nailed!!!


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