Ketchup. Oh, I Mean Catch Up

One of my resolutions this year was to comment on someones blog. Big deal you say? Well, let me tell you the reason why I put this on the list.

I was scared.

I am pretty shy and kind of self conscience and I really didn’t think I had it in me to interact with people, no matter how much I liked what they were saying.

In other words, I didn’t think I was cool enough to be like one of the hundred commenters that I see on other peoples blogs.

Not that I thought I would say anything offensive or rude but  I just pictured the author reading my comment and thinking, “Who’s this big dummy?”


Pretty good excuse reasoning.

I remember being so excited when I got my first comment. It was from the author of the very first blog I ever subscribed to, Cookies at Midnight. She made commenting look so natural and easy that I decided to give it a go.

I have to say, once I stepped over the scary threshold, commenting has been pretty easy and fun.

Of course, I don’t comment on each and every post I come across because that would make me the mad commenter.

Crazy lady on the loose! Close your comments!

No. I’ve been spreading my likes and comments carefully but unsparingly among posts that I really enjoy reading or find inspiring.

For instance, I can relate to insanitymostly. She’s a mom. She’s a wife .She’s quite a funny girl! She seems to be dealing with the same issues that I am having, perhaps all moms/wives are having, but she makes light of it. She doesn’t yell or scream that she is moving to another country like I do to the Huz. No. She makes laundry and punishment fun. This girl has class! Plus, she reads Real Simple, how can she not be someone I like?

I also found my project twin over at Craft Junkie the other day. She re-did her kitchen cabinets the same weekend I did but check this… She actually finished hers! Unheard of! And this girls dining room… Swoon! Beautiful, spunky and sassy! Turns out she is also very nice. A nice girl with kids, a huz and completed projects? I’m sold!

The real kick in the pants was when I liked a particular post over at Yerttle’s Blog. I had been blog stalking this girl for quite a while, mostly because of the beautiful pictures she takes that are usually accompanied by recipes. I was always afraid to say anything because, well, I was scared and intimidated. Then she posted about all of her kitchen utensils and I couldn’t take it anymore! I mean, this girl has a spatula with a skull and cross bones on it! How could you NOT like that? Love! She ended up commenting back to me that she actually likes my blog, too! Oh, the wonders of those little stars!

I suppose the point of this post (other than crossing something off of my list) is that commenting isn’t as hard as it might seem. No one has cussed me out or has been rude to me after I commented on their blog. No one said ,”How dare you read my blog! How dare you respond to my thoughts!” I mean, that is the point of having a blog right, to hope that someone will read your writings and possibly relate to and appreciate what you are saying?



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