Valentines Craft Tutorial

I decided that I needed to get a move on the Valentines decorating since it is only uhm 2 days away.

Hmm. I knew I wasn’t going out anywhere to buy any decorations because I’m pretty much cheap and not spending any money right now quarantined due to the fact that I’m ill. So I decided I’d try my hand at a craft. I found these really beautiful printouts over at Crafts & Sutch and they were just too dang pretty not to print out and create something with.

Just the inspiration the doctor ordered!

Now, mind you, I have not made a craft since I was in high school 15 3 years ago and I had no idea about what I was actually trying to do, nor did I have anything other than regular boring house stuff and the super cute lovely paper.

So here is what I did:

I printed up the 4 sheets of cutesy love song papers and a paper heart cut out that I just found by Googling “paper heart cut out.”

It was tricky, but I survived. Just kidding, it wasn’t hard at all!

Next, I looked around for some sturdy paper and found some on top of the fridge because naturally that’s where it belongs.

Then I grabbed:

2 paper bags

spray glue


the heart cut out

the pretty paper

a needle

and dental floss

oh, and a glass of wine. But it’s totally up to you if you need that to create this super amateur craft (or just need it to finish reading the rest of this post… I don’t judge)

And here are a few pictures:

I very easily cut out a total of 16 hearts using the template so they would all be the same size

Sprayed the adhesive on the card stock, poster board, whatever it might be called paper

Put the hearts on it

Flipped the paper over and sprayed it

Put pieces of the paper bags on it  (I cut it up) right side down

Flipped the paper back over and started to cut out the hearts (this was the longest part)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I then threaded the needle with the dental floss and with my handsome assistants help I placed the hearts about two inches apart from one another

After that I hung the garland from my mantel!


Amateur, YES!

Quick and easy, VERY!


Make a craft and decorate for Valentines day crossed off the list, YOU BETCHA!

I hope all you lovely ladies get flowers and all of you men get lots of kisses!


2 thoughts on “Valentines Craft Tutorial

  1. Hi Ginger. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your heart garland turned out so cute!
    Hope this doesn’t come out too weird, but I noticed that you are located somewhat nearby. I love finding bloggers who are local. Very few of my friends are interested in the things I am so it’s always exciting for me to find other like souls. 🙂
    Hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day and feel better soon! If it makes you feel better, I’ve been sicker than I’ve ever been this year as well and I usually never get sick.

    1. Hi Emy, thanks for the compliment, and it truly is a compliment coming from you, I love your creativity! Are you located in Maryland (that’s what your page indicates) I don’t think it’s weird to get excited for finding someone close by!
      I hope you feel better soon and don’t suffer too much this year! I just don’t have the patience for sickness anymore, GERMS BE GONE!! Have a great Valentine’s Day and it’s wonderful to meet you!

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