Chinese New Year and a Sunday Afternoon Downtown (warning: extremely picture heavy)

Since we didn’t get to go to Chinatown on Friday night we decided to take the kids this afternoon. It’s lucky that we did it because we got down there just in time for a parade. Huz thought it would be a better idea to drive down instead of waiting another hour for the train. He figured it would just be cheaper to park at a meter anyway.

We didn’t know it was a big celebration day and couldn’t figure out why there was so much traffic on a Sunday. We were in the car for almost an hour avoiding places like this:

Because huz wanted a meter.


Can’t we just get out and walk?

We passed by the same murals a few times:

Then we realized there was a parade going on and there would be no meters available. Hmm. So Huz gave up and forked over $20 for parking.

That’s all right though because when we turned the corner we heard !SNAP! !CRACK! !POP! and a big cloud of smoke. We got closer for a better look and saw beautiful dragon costumes that you see in movies, but up close and in real life!

To me that made it super exciting and worth being sick over. The costumes were so colorful and fancy, I had never seen anything so exotic up close before. I am glad the kids got to feel all of the excitement in the air as well.

After that we walked about two blocks and got lunch at David’s, which was highly recommended by a few of Huzs buddies. We ordered soups, shrimp rolls and veggie lo mien and tried some things we had never had before, salt and pepper shrimp and walnut cream shrimp.

All in all everything was good, the day was fun and I really enjoyed spending time with my family doing something unexpectedly exciting and new.


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