I Don’t Want to be Sick this Year

happy valentine's day
Image by mugley via Flickr

In the past I never though much about being sick. As a child I was a victim of semi-annual illness and as an adult I’ve suffered through the flu each year, almost annual bronchitis and terrible seasonal allergies.

I have always just thought of it as something normal that happened and something that would continue to happen through my life. I dealt with the symptoms as they came along, got medication, took a few days off to get better and moved on.

This year however, I am tired of being a person who gets ill. I eat healthy, I exercise (though I have avoided the gym still for a while I still am on the move constantly at home), I get ample sleep and I wash my hands like a maniac.

I don’t understand. I have too many things to do. I can’t be sick. I don’t want to be sick.

All week long I was fighting the sniffles and a cough but I thought that was because of the cabinets I worked on last weekend. I suffer from a terrible reaction to dust and I just figured that because I was sanding the cabinets before I painted them that the runny nose and hard time breathing was from allergies.

Yesterday morning I got ready for work as usual and was feeling good because my skinny jeans were still fitting and I looked cute. I drove the hour drive into work and could feel my body changing along the way. Before I could even get my email up and running a wave of you better get to the restroom quick hit me. I stayed at work for a total of 20 minutes before I was driving another hour ride home with a trash bag as my companion.

I was hoping so badly that I could just take some medicine and a nap and then feel better.

Not so.

When I got home I changed into sweats grabbed a pillow from my bedroom and curled up on the couch. For 15 and a half hours. I spent the whole day and night laying on the couch just waiting to feel better.

I was in and out of sleep and the only thing I accomplished was working myself up over all of the things I’d like to have been getting done. I could have finished the cabinets. I could have done a craft or decorated for Valentines day. We were going to take the kids to Chinatown last night.

Another whole day of my life wasted. And what is even worse is that I’m still not up to par. I still feel weak and tired but I can’t lay down anymore. I don’t want to watch tv and I certainly don’t want to waste another day when there are so many other things to do.

I think I am gonna just try to keep down a balanced breakfast, drink some orange juice and day-quill, get a shower and push myself to get something done. I know it’s probably not a good idea to do anything that requires a lot of effort but I know there are a few things on my list that don’t involve muscle, brain cells or being in prime condition for that matter.


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