Spooker Dee Dooker Dook

This is my favorite (and best) picture that I have taken in a really long time. I love this cat. He thinks he’s a dog. He rips my curtains down and is picky about the food he likes. If he wants something and you don’t acknowledge it he will ignore you. He listens when we say no. He gives tons of kisses to us and loves us all to pieces. He waits at the window for us to come home. He is verbal. He is curious. He humps everything and claws up the chair. He loves his toy mouse and catnip even more. Most of all he loves us almost as much as we love him.


2 thoughts on “Spooker Dee Dooker Dook

  1. Thanks Aub, I had to beg the huz for 13 years to let me get a pet. He fought tooth and nail but then this sweet little boy found and needed us at the right time. He fits right in with our family and came when it was right. You’ll get your pet when the time is right too. Just be patient darlin’ you’ll see πŸ™‚

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